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Thursday, September 20, 2018

Hermes Answers My Call Again, But A Bit Strangely This Time

As many know, my wife and I have had our fair share of vehicle problems in the past, and after calling on the Gods on the side of the road, help immediately arrived out of the blue. It happened to me again recently but not in the normal manner of things.

Tonight, I drove to the store for some grocery on an empty tank. I didn't think too much of it because my trusty Saturn, that I named Argo, had ran on empty before. Not this time. On the way back, she ran out of gas literally about a quarter of a mile or so away from my home. I had no money I could get to, didn't even have my phone on me. After trying numerous times to restart, I realized it just wasn't happening. So I get out and start to walk, but something tells me to get back in the car and make sure everything is in the park position (I have a straight gear). While inside, I try to start it up once more, still nothing of course. I look at the Hermes statue on my dashboard and say, "Hermes, please help me."

When I step out of the car again to begin walking, two young guys in a jeep immediately pull up behind me. After inquiring as to what the situation was, they graciously offered to find a gas station and return with a gas can containing enough fuel to get me home. Sure enough, about 10 or 15 minutes later, they returned and filled the tank just enough so that I could complete my journey. Now here's where the strange part happened, although I am sure it's not uncommon. They wanted to pray with me. I thought, "Oh, great. Now they're gonna try to convert me to Christianity. They noticed my bumper stickers." For the sake of being courteous, I decided to consent (although I myself didn't pray, I just stood with them). I mean, these are the guys who just saved me from a serious jam. How can I just snub them? So I figured, it can't hurt to humor them for a few seconds.

Of course, as I suspected, they were Christians trying to convert me, and for some reason I didn't think to mention that I had prayed to Hermes for them just a few seconds before they arrived. I should have taken this opportunity, once they were done, to pray with them also to Hermes. Not for the sake of trying to convert them, but just to let them see that there are many valid points of view. But nevertheless, here we were, Pagans and Christians brought together. Were they supposed to tell me about Jesus, or was I supposed to tell them about Hermes, or neither? When it was all over, I got to thinking about the situation. Why had Hermes sent not only two Christians to rescue me, but two proselytizing Christians at that? Clearly, it was obvious that Hermes wanted me to know they were devout Christians, and once more, that they were helping me. I didn't know the answer, so I consulted my wife, the best oracle I know.

I guess for starters, I have to consider the fact that most people today are Christians. I don't think Hermes had the luxury of picking a Pagan who was nearby and able to help. It was probably a matter of course that the helpers were members of the largest religion, just like if you break down in the middle of Saudi Arabia, if anyone helps you, there's a good chance they'll be Muslim. So I do have to entertain the idea that their religion meant nothing, but then again, why was it brought up if so?

Before my wife began the reading, she reminded me that Hermes has a sense of humor. He likes to play jokes, a Trickster. I chuckled, because I knew it was true. Did Hermes help, but also decide to have a little fun with me in the process? Did He make me the butt of a joke? Possibly. But more so what I discovered, was that Hermes had two things to show me. One, that those Christians made me feel uncomfortable, but that it got me what I needed. The lesson was, sometimes you have to be uncomfortable to get what you want out of life. In other words, if you never step outside your comfort zone, you won't progress. That's a hard reality for so many of us, including myself, but it makes perfect sense. Sometimes, you may not like your work, or the people you work with, but you have to look at the end result. This lesson doesn't have to do with religion necessarily, religion was just used to get the point across. The second part of the reading from Hermes told me that He also wants me to be more social, and interact with the world around me, that I may let go of some of my anger and presumptions about other people. Through this, more advancement in life is possible. This can also be hard for lots of people to do, but also beneficial to not running out of gas again.

And maybe sometimes, it's good for us to come together and help one another, than it is to always be fighting. Perhaps there is more that unites us all than divides us. To the men who helped me, thank you, my friends. If there should come a time in the future when I have the opportunity to repay the generosity, by Zeus I shall.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

Saturday, October 28, 2017

The Crocus Gift

I recently took a part time job at a local retailer to help pay off some of my debts. While it's not a hard job, it's not really something I want to be doing. I work it because, at this time, I need the extra cash. It's the life story of former college students and the like. 

On the night of the 28th, I was feeling horrible at work in almost every way imaginable. Depression and anxiety started to kick up and I just didn't think I could go on anymore. I felt all alone and lost in the world and life; I just wanted to give up all together. That was until a woman came to me and handed me something that she, for some reason, had decided not to buy. She placed in my hands a bag of crocus flowers. 

I recognized them immediately because I knew they are the sacred flowers of Hermes, the Messenger of the Gods. Hermes knew I would understand they were a gift and a sign from Him. I felt that Hermes was telling me that I'm loved by the Gods and to never give up hope; that the Gods know what I'm going through and are here. In short, the Gods love me and that's the bottom line. 

So, I bought the flowers, and placed one bulb in my pocket for the rest of my shift. The God's gift made me so happy and peaceful that work no longer bothered me, nor did life itself. I felt like Odysseus when Hermes gave Him Moly to protect Him from the spells entrapment. Except this plant (the Crocus) was given to protect me from my own hardships, which in themselves were entrapment.

When I arrived home, I offered some of the flower bulbs back to Hermes with a prayer of thanks for His blessings and Divine Guidance. As the Guide of the universe, Hermes can take us by the hand and show us the way down every road and path, and the thing is, when He does so, you know it, like I did this night. It's always of the utmost comfort when you know the Gods are there.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

Monday, February 6, 2017

Learning From The Greek Gods: Hermes

When I officially began my Hellenic life back in 2009, I did not think of Hermes as a God with whom I was particularly close, but I have recently developed a very strong connection and a deep love for Him ever since I earnestly prayed to Him for help in my publishing endeavors just last night, and when you start to think about it in depth, you realize how encompassing Hermes is in our world, and that there is much to learn from Him, as well as to gain with His blessings in our lives, and therefore, I am proud to institute the next chapter in my series "Learning From The Greek Gods" in regards to Hermes.

Hermes is normally depicted in winged-sandals and a winged-hat, with a staff in-hand (normally the caduceus), as He flies about the world. His most common epithet is the Messenger of the Gods, but His range of focus, power and rule extends into many fields, such as writing, heralds, commerce, merchants, money, trade, travel, luck and fortune, wealth, roads, guidance, souls of the dead, humor and joy, athleticism, fertility and animal husbandry to name a few.

In the past, I heard a fellow Hellenist of mine say that Hermes "is the most important God of our time." This philosophy probably comes from the realization that commerce, travel and athletics are stronger and more common and important in our world than ever before. Of course, all of the Gods are vastly important, but we cannot deny the obvious Mega of Hermes Himself. One does not normally think about it, but Hermes is everywhere. Think on all the writings, messengers, and commerce that one sees every single day. When you see a post on the wall, get a knock at the door from the delivery man, or buy, sell or obtain payment for something. Think of how often people travel on a daily basis in cars, planes, and trains, as opposed to ancient times when travel was far less. Think about the many roads that now cover the world, from the back roads that take you home to the giant highways that connect states. In a more sad reality, think of how many people pass on each day. Hermes is literally all-encompassing in many ways, and active in millions upon millions of functions on a daily schedule. 

Likewise, there are so many things one can learn from Hermes. One can always be profitable if they try, seize your opportunities, communication is key to success in many parts of life, use the tools at your disposal, and you don't have to be smarter, just more aware. And more so, that these things are ok if done rightly and ethically. There's nothing wrong with having money, success and prosperity, for the Gods wish us to be well, and it is our human ability and natural right to obtain the goodly success and happiness that we want out of life.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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