Monday, February 6, 2017

Learning From The Greek Gods: Hermes

When I officially began my Hellenic life back in 2009, I did not think of Hermes as a God with whom I was particularly close, but I have recently developed a very strong connection and a deep love for Him ever since I earnestly prayed to Him for help in my publishing endeavors just last night, and when you start to think about it in depth, you realize how encompassing Hermes is in our world, and that there is much to learn from Him, as well as to gain with His blessings in our lives, and therefore, I am proud to institute the next chapter in my series "Learning From The Greek Gods" in regards to Hermes.

Hermes is normally depicted in winged-sandals and a winged-hat, with a staff in-hand (normally the caduceus), as He flies about the world. His most common epithet is the Messenger of the Gods, but His range of focus, power and rule extends into many fields, such as writing, heralds, commerce, merchants, money, trade, travel, luck and fortune, wealth, roads, guidance, souls of the dead, humor and joy, athleticism, fertility and animal husbandry to name a few.

In the past, I heard a fellow Hellenist of mine say that Hermes "is the most important God of our time." This philosophy probably comes from the realization that commerce, travel and athletics are stronger and more common and important in our world than ever before. Of course, all of the Gods are vastly important, but we cannot deny the obvious Mega of Hermes Himself. One does not normally think about it, but Hermes is everywhere. Think on all the writings, messengers, and commerce that one sees every single day. When you see a post on the wall, get a knock at the door from the delivery man, or buy, sell or obtain payment for something. Think of how often people travel on a daily basis in cars, planes, and trains, as opposed to ancient times when travel was far less. Think about the many roads that now cover the world, from the back roads that take you home to the giant highways that connect states. In a more sad reality, think of how many people pass on each day. Hermes is literally all-encompassing in many ways, and active in millions upon millions of functions on a daily schedule. 

Likewise, there are so many things one can learn from Hermes. One can always be profitable if they try, seize your opportunities, communication is key to success in many parts of life, use the tools at your disposal, and you don't have to be smarter, just more aware. And more so, that these things are ok if done rightly and ethically. There's nothing wrong with having money, success and prosperity, for the Gods wish us to be well, and it is our human ability and natural right to obtain the goodly success and happiness that we want out of life.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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