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Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Ancient Greek Guide to Cleansing, Banishment and Exorcism - Part 3 - Securing The Home

Let's take a look at how to cleanse your home of negative energy first, since Energetics are the most common type of ailments. Although, keep in mind, this can also be used for banishment of ghosts and spirits in the home, as I have used it many times without a single failure in all kinds of situations. I call it the Hellenic House Cleansing Rite.

Before beginning any Hellenic rites or worship, always be clean and purified. Wash yourself in clean water (ideally purified or spring water). If nothing else, take a cleansing shower and put on clean clothing. Khnerip water for handwashing and purification can be created by lighting a bay leaf on fire and dropping it into a bowl of freshwater. And if you don't have any spring or seawater, you can combine sea salt with the water. 

Step 1: Invite Hestia into your home. Hestia is the Goddess of the home, hearth and family; She's basically your home's heartbeat. Light the flame of your hearth, which for most people today would be the stove. If you have an electric top that doesn't produce fire, place a candle in the center of the stove and light it, If you have a fireplace, even better. Create a fire there.

Step 2: Pray to Hestia
O' blessed Hestia, Goddess of the hearth, I ask that you shine forth in my home forever, and grant it peace and love, and lift me into the presence of The Dodekatheon, that I may know their mysteries, powers and wisdom.

(Note - The Dodekatheon means The Twelve Gods, as in the Gods of Olympos. They are Zeus, Hera, Aphrodite, Poseidon, Demeter, Artemis, Apollon, Athena, Hephaistos, Hermes, Ares and Dionysos.

Step 3: Give offering to Hestia. Burn the sweetest incense you have. Fresh frankincense is great (which is also a natural purifier), but whatever you use, make sure it's good quality and not cheap department store brand. These are full of bad-smelling chemicals.

Step 4: Pour a libation to Apollon, Poseidon and Hygeia, for you will need their help with the rest of the rite.

Step 5: Take a bowl of clean water. Spring water is best, but if you have to use tap, combine it with sea salt. Sea salt can be purchased very cheaply at your local grocer and is one of the most simple yet powerful purifiers. Mix the water and salt together. Once done, hold the bowl over the hearth about head level and recite the following prayer,
Blessed Apollon, God of light, and amazing Poseidon, God of the sea, bless this water so that it will drive out evil and shake loose from the bonds of oppression whatever it touches.

(Note - Why Apollon and Poseidon? Apollon is the God of the sun and light, and thus, a destroyer of evil and a purifier of pollution. Poseidon is the Earth Shaker, able to shake the foundation of anything. Please also take note that khnerips or any form of water for religious purposes should be replaced each time you do a rite or ceremony. Do not use the same water repeatedly).

Step 6: Take the bowl of water into each room, wet your hand, and sprinkle the water on every wall, floor and ceiling (not forgetting closets).

Step 7: When done with all rooms, light a stick of fresh sage, as its smoke releases cleansing properties and powers that will push out negative energy and thus make the area more inhospitable to negative entities. With the smoldering stick, draw the Star of Hygeia toward every wall, floor and ceiling. Hygeia is the Goddess of physical and mental health and protection, and Her symbol, even as far back as ancient Greek times, is the five pointed star. Modern Pagans call it the pentagram, but not pentacle. Draw the Star starting at the bottom left. As you draw it each time, say the words,
I draw the Star of Hygeia, to banish from this place all evil and ill.

Step 8: Bring the rite to a close with a final prayer to Hestia, as She is First and Last in general Hellenic rites,
With Hestia I end, for She is First and Last, home of the eternal Gods, forever be the Goddess of my home.

As time goes on, work on mounting a positive life as well. But if you ever do feel that the goal has slipped too far away, you can use this rite any time. In ending this section, I want to share an invocation that has never failed me when I have been faced with faltering on leading a positive life. During your day to day, if you feel attacked, dismayed or misdirected, it is useful,
Athena is my strength, my wisdom from above, my perseverance against life's toils. She leads me to Nike over my enemies, She gives me peace by Her glory, and when the day is done, She permits me peaceful rest beneath the shade of Her olive tree, for I am loved by Olympos who delights in the beauty of the universe. Athena, fight for me.

In the Goodness of the Gods, I'll see you in the next section,

Chris Aldridge.

Friday, July 19, 2024

Ancient Greek Guide to Cleansing, Banishment and Exorcism - Part 2 - Self Care

As we begin to learn how to deal with these issues, let's start with the basics: cleansing and banishment for our personal selves.

The easiest way to stop Energetics from manifesting and gaining power is to live a positive life. It will accomplish two things. One, a strong build up of positive will push negative out, and two, it will make it harder for negative energy to break in. An inferior force cannot penetrate or contend with a greater one. Walk up to a wall and push as hard as you can. The reason it won't budge is because there is a greater or equal amount of force pushing back. You simply don't have the power to get through. It's the same concept with energy.

The problem is that living a positive life is not easy, especially in our Age. We are constantly bombarded with negative media and politics, not to mention that life can become oppressively stressful if we don't know how to deal with it. Therefore, living a positive life is, I find, a practice. The more you do it, the better you will become at it.

A vital part of living a positive life is to have the Gods in it. The Gods are first and foremost in the life of a Hellenist. A Hellenist never stops living a highly spiritual life, and an extreme benefit of this is happiness and positivity. In the past, I've heard Hellenists say that they worship the Gods simply because it makes like more blissful. This is absolutely true. When the Gods are always kept in our minds, lives and actions, we are elevated to a state above the mundane.

Purification Processes

Being purified or free of impurity (physically, mentally and spiritually), is to banish miasma from our minds, bodies and souls, and elevate ourselves above the reaches of toxicities that so often inhibit human life, progression, and separate us from the Gods. In order to keep yourself guarded against such pollutants, practice daily purification. Not just before rites, but throughout your day, starting in the morning, during the day, and before bed. It may sound painstaking, but it's actually quite simple, and will eventually become second nature.

The Mind

Your mind is of the most value to your physicality, for without the mind, the body is nothing. It's proven science that your thoughts and the state of your brain can and will effect your body and life for the better or worse.

Your brain soaks up everything that it comes into contact with, therefore it's imperative that you only expose it to positive atmospheres as much as possible. Forsake all willful negativity. If you do not have to subject your mind to it, then don't, such as negative media, people, and even your own negative thoughts. Refrain from excessive anger and needless confrontations, striving for peace and productivity whenever possible. Finally, contemplate nothing evil or immoral. We all have bad thoughts that come into our heads at times, but contemplation means to actually conspire with it. Just as keeping bad toxins out of your body is essential to bodily health, so is keeping them out of your mind essential to mental health.

The Body

Keeping your body healthy and purified on the outside and the inside is the purely physical part of continued purification. If you defile yourself, or willingly expose yourself to filth and harmful substances, it will create pollution. Take a shower or bath every day, put on clean clothes, and don't be exposed to unnecessary impurities. The body can be purified of miasma through simple washing and purified water, spring water or sea salt water, or it can be as extreme as using sulfur should you come into contact with a dead body, but the latter is an unorthodox case for most people today.

On a more basic level, regular exercise is exceptionally terrific for maintaining a healthy body, as well as mind, because it betters your mental state and brain functions. I'd recommend starting a simple jogging routine on a daily or regular basis, for a couple of miles each time. You'll be astounded by how much better you feel, especially if you pair it with healthier eating. Not only were the ancient Greeks very athletic people, Games themselves were religious events, and while there was no 2nd or 3rd place, every athlete was strong and benefited from the physicality of the training.

The Soul

Not only are our spiritual selves kept pure by our connections to the Gods, but piety as well maintains this cleanliness, which of course assists in Divine connections. Piety also keeps the physical and mental clean. So what is piety? It is not only acting rightly in ritual but also in thinking and speaking goodly and rightly. That is to say, simply respecting the Gods.

For example, I was once visiting a couple of friends, and while on the topic of Greek religion, they started insulting the Gods. I kindly got up and left, not only because I didn't want to be around hubris and impiety, but because I could feel the pollution and negativity starting to build in the room.

The simple fact of the matter is that you cannot be both devotee and defacer, not even in a humorous way. Yes, there were Greek playwrights who sometimes made fun of the Gods, but these people were not mainstream citizens (most citizens were not playwrights), and men like Euripides of Athens were not only scrutinized for heresy, but spent their final days in exile. It's probably why Plato said, "Wickedness in the soul makes one impure."

Purifying Sickness

We all get sick, whether it be a simple cold or a more serious infection. Once you have recovered, throw away the clothes you wore while you were sick, wash your body in sea water or sea salt water, and then rinse with spring water or purified freshwater, and end with a prayer and sacrifice to Apollon, who is the God of healing and purification. If you have a disease that cannot be cured, maintain it as best you can. Take medication for it as prescribed. In short, listen to your doctors.

In conclusion of this section, I do not want someone to confuse purification with germophobia. It's not about washing your hands until they bleed, for that would also be a pollution. It's about attending to obvious pollutants and toxins in life and preventing them in all their forms.

In the Goodness of the Gods, I'll see you in the next chapter,

Chris Aldridge.

Chapter One here.

Tuesday, July 16, 2024

Ancient Greek Guide to Cleansing, Banishment and Exorcism - Part 1 - Crash Course

Banishment, cleansing and exorcism are things I have been seriously involved with for many years of my life, even before I was a Hellenist. In fact, it was a successful Greek exorcism that officially converted me to Hellenism. It seems to be something I have eventually understood enough to be good at, and being a Greek Priest has only extended my experience and knowledge.

I begin by saying that the world of spirits and banishment isn't as cut and dry as monotheists or even some occultists may think. It's very complicated just like everything else. To a Christian, for example, everything is Satan and you only need Jesus to get rid of him. 

They actually have very little understanding of the spiritual world, which is why some of their most famous exorcisms have also been their greatest failures. We know it's not uncommon for a Christian to fail when trying to banish, cleanse or exorcise. No one is surprised when they go up against a spiritual foe and lose.

While most of existence is good, beautiful and gives most people no real worry, the spiritual world can harbor things that want to do people harm, just as the physical world can.

When the Olympian Gods came to power, they defeated chaos and disorder in the grand picture of things, along with many of the Titans who ruled before them, and even imprisoned some of the forces and beings in the prisons of Tartaros. To nature and civilization, the Gods brought all the good and beautiful that we have now. However, although largely subdued, disorder still exists and can even be created anew. Think of it like a prison in our society. Bad people are jailed, but there can still be bad people in the world. Really, the battle between order and chaos, good and bad, positive and negative, has always been happening in one form or another. It's a constant struggle for humanity and the universe.

There is no Devil or Satan in Hellenism, but we do believe that things can choose their own path. The being that is ailing a person or place may not even be entirely bad themselves, but are just angry at that person, or bound negatively to the location or object for a specific reason. Nothing with free will is absolutely evil, because it can choose to do good and therefore has the capacity for good, but it may not make that choice toward a given person or situation.

Chaos itself isn't inherently negative, but it can still at times disrupt the order of things enough to create problems. For instance, if a dam breaks and floods a town, the water isn't evil, the water is just doing what the water does. Sometimes the water can even create life after it is unleashed, but it can also destroy. Not everything is as simple as good v. evil. By understanding this reality, you will have a far better grasp, insofar as a human can, of the spiritual and physical worlds.


The most basic form of an invasion that someone can experience in their homes or lives is simple negative energies, or as I like to call them, Energetics. I would say these are far more common than people think. Perhaps they may even be the most common of all, and could explain several cases of hauntings and personal harassment.

Energetic manifestations do not have an independent will or really any form of individual consciousness. Like a battery placed in a car, it is there to perform a certain function and can be the result of many things. The energy could be left over from something of the past, sent by someone else, acquired by the victim, or even created by the victim's own negative emotions, attitude and actions. The ancient Greeks would have probably called this miasma or pollution that needs daily or regular cleansing, especially before a person enters a temple, sanctuary or performs religious rites.

Once the energy has implanted itself, it will begin its work, which if negative, will be to create dismay and hardship. You may find yourself feeling continuously depressed, angry, scared, frustrated or even sick for no apparent reason. The energy can also cause things to happen or could cause you to make them happen. The good news is that simple energy is the easiest to dispel. Energy cannot be created nor destroyed but it can be moved, redirected and transformed.

Ghosts and Spirits

The second kind of invasion is by a ghost or spirit, which can be human or nonhuman. If we are to believe some of the paranormal reports around the world, animals also have souls and can manifest in a ghostly form. Even evil or infamous people or monsters of the ancient Greek past may have had souls, which means their spiritual self could still exist. 

A ghost or spirit can take possession of a person, place or object, or attach themselves and begin bending things to their own will and causing harm. Unlike Energetics, these beings are self-aware (conscious). They know who you are and will act directly toward you. Because they have this self-power and will, they are harder to get rid of.

The ghost or spirit, if hostile, will normally make itself known in several ways. They can cause all the problems of energies but it will be more severe because there is direct intent through conscious effort. For example, there's a big difference between something falling off the shelf and something being thrown at you from the shelf.

The last thing to remember here is that it's also possible to come into contact with a ghost that is not intending harm but simply wants cohabitation for some reason. Think of a dead doctor who finds a living doctor they admire and wants to live on vicariously. Even though this can be benevolent, the being is still disrupting a natural order and needs to be sent out.

A ghost or spirit that is intending harm can make you feel very uneasy, terrified, throw or slam things, cause horrible smells and sounds, give you nightmares and blackouts, cause you to lash out at people and things, drive you to hurt yourself, give you hallucinations, or all of the above. The problem cannot be ignored. While it's entirely possible that all of these feelings and behaviors could be explained through the nature of one's own life and mental state, such can also be ruled out. If they persist after you have evaluated your home and taken proper medical care, perhaps it wouldn't hurt to see if you are being tormented by an outside force.

Other Beings

Finally, another form of invasion or attack can come from otherworldly beings that cross paths with our own world. You've probably heard them called things like faeries or natural spirits. While most are good, some can be problematic, even taking a dislike toward humans. They may have found and attached to you, been sent or are seeking revenge for some offense you made, like mistakenly or intentionally violating a sacred space. These beings mainly just demand proper respects. You don't normally have to worry about them if you know how to interact.

For example, when you enter natural areas, treat things with respect and be a person of humility. Don't litter the forest floor or throw things in waterways or rivers, don't act like you own the land because the truth is that you don't, and if you feel that you shouldn't enter a place or disturb something, listen to your instinct. We will cover how to deal with all of these issues later in this course.

I will end this chapter by saying that we all have days when bad things happen to us, or we just don't feel good. This generally in itself is not a sign of a problem. But when they are consistently happening, there is clearly a cause. One time may be coincidence, but ten consecutive times is not.

In the Goodness of the Gods, I'll see you in the next section,

Chris Aldridge.