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Saturday, April 15, 2017

Affirmations of Happiness

So many people are looking to find happier lives, or ways to live happier. If you are friends with me on facebook, I recently released a video where I talk about my own former struggles and how I came to find happiness in life. There are many ways to achieve this. As I said in the video, some people may need medication and therapy to get better of mental disorders like I did, but I have also found that generating a consistently positive attitude toward the world and your own life can greatly increase one's happiness, and one good way to do this is by reciting daily affirmations, which could be better-suited for morning religious or spiritual practices. Although it may seem small, you would be surprised what a world of difference it can make in your day when you are determined to have a positive and happy attitude about things, and you can do this, in part, by reciting daily affirmations, which are basically declarations to yourself.

Each morning before you start your day, try reciting the following affirmations aloud. As I said earlier, it's probably best done in a religious or spiritual setting, but as long as you can speak, you can do them in any case so long as you are serious about it.

I am grateful for another day of life, 
and all good and beautiful things in it,
paying no attention to anything bad.
I (state your name) hereby and forever shun all evil and negativity,
and I will only focus on that which is good and positive,
for I am loved by the Gods who also love good.

In so many ways, the only route to being happy is to realize what these affirmations state. Basically, a negative and evil life is not worth living. The good news is that it's a choice to live by it. You can just as easily choose to be positive and focus on the good. By being grateful and deciding to shun all things negative and evil, you are choosing to turn away from and avoid everything that makes you sad, angry, depressed and/or generally upset, and instead you are dedicated to looking at the good in life only. Not only can it make you happier, it can keep bad things from happening to you. Before I began medication and started looking at life better, I was consistently negative about almost everything, and bad luck was a constant companion of mine. My new car was banged up twice, and things generally produced negative results for me. However, once I started living a positive life, misfortune became far less common. Why? Because believe me when I say, like attracts like.

In our time when negativity and depression is a household item, you have to be a warrior for peace and happiness in your own life. Otherwise, the opposite will eventually overtake you. You must always guard your borders.

In the Goodness of the Gods,