Saturday, October 8, 2022

Poseidon's Lost Temple PULLED From The Earth!

Even before Hellenism was my official religion, Poseidon was a God of tremendous interest to me. Perhaps partially because He was one of the first Greek Gods I encountered when my high school English class studied The Odyssey, but I have also always loved the water of the world. Growing up in a coastal state where horses run wild on the beaches (North Carolina), tends to put one into contact with the Earth Shaker. In fact, one of my favorite books in my temple's library is Poseidon and The Sea: Myth, Cult and Daily Life, which I have recently been inspired to read once more considering today's wonderful news.

It seems that my beloved history book will now have to be amended a bit, because in Elis, Greece, on the far west of the Peloponnese, archaeologists have verified the writings in Strabo (who was another geographer like Pausanias), by unearthing the lost Temple of Poseidon Samikon. The ruins of this latest discovery of the Hellenic identity have been found to date all the way back to the Archaic Era (700-480BCE). What's more interesting is that Strabo described this particular temple and sanctuary as being a Cult Center for the Delphic League, whose job was to see to the protection of Apollo's Temple at Delphi, a topic I have covered on my blog before when discussing the Sacred Wars.

Considering all of the extensive history now coming to the surface in this lost region of the ancient Greek world, I cannot wait to see all of the amazing artifacts and knowledge we will have the pleasure of as the excavations continue into the coming years. I equally hope that Ethnic Hellenes in Greece will perhaps find their way to the location for worship and sacrifice to the God once again, and also help protect and liberate the temple. 

In the Goodness of Poseidon,
Mighty Earth Shaker and God of the Sea,
Chris Aldridge.

Greek Reporter Article Found Here