Saturday, May 18, 2019

"Ancient Aliens" - Nonsense & Book Peddling

For those of us who following one or more of the ancient religions, we are no strangers to modern "historians" perpetuating the so called "ancient aliens theory," to explain our Gods and the great structures that were built by early man who, presumably, could not have had the required equipment to do so. The basic premise is that our Gods and/or the people who built the ancient buildings were actually aliens. It's one reason I don't watch the History Channel anymore, or as I like to call it, the Shitstory Channel. The last time I watched a segment, they were talking about time traveling as a serious possibility. Yes, you read right. The History Channel propagating time machines as a legitimate theory. Since then, I stopped watching, but the Channel isn't the only source for the ancient aliens nonsense. It can be found in numerous books and on several websites. Basically, what it amounts to is a scapegoat for anything that they can't explain, and/or people who are trying to sell said books written by themselves. Aliens and ufology are hot topics in the paranormal reading community. Which is perfectly fine. I myself am very interested in anything paranormal, but I also don't believe in presenting something as truth when it's not, and there are several ways that we can debunk this theory by just using our common sense and reasoning.

Firstly, if advanced alien life visited us heavily in the ancient past, why aren't they doing it now? You honestly believe that fantastic alien life would have helped ancient man stack stones, but not come back to help us build spaceships, space stations, and travel to other planets and galaxies so we could discover and create more? If aliens cared so much about us in the past, they should care more about us now that we can do so much more. And while were on the subject, why would advanced alien life even care to build ancient structures that would clearly be thousands of years behind them in development? Don't you think they would have shown us how to build things far greater, more elaborate and more technologically advanced? 

Secondly, the Gods were said, in the myths of many cultures, to have had love affairs with humans that resulted in children. We will ignore the question of how could physical non-human alien life and Earth human life be biologically compatible for reproduction in the first place, and ask a far more compelling inquiry. If aliens intermingled with humanity so often sexually, and had children by them, why isn't there DNA somewhere in the human line that clearly shows disruption which we cannot trace back to humans? Every bit of human DNA we have all comes from our species. We can track human DNA all the way back to the Bronze Age. Where are the signs of non-human life within the human timeline?

Third, why are the Gods never depicted in spaceships or clothing that is clearly beyond human comprehension? If the Greek Gods, for example, rode down from the sky in anything, it was a chariot and horses or some other animal associated with that God. Not one time were they ever depicted in something alien to Earth, not ONE TIME. Which you would think strange if we are to believe the theorists and think that aliens were routinely landing their crafts on Earth and walking out in outstanding clothes and instruments, but there's not even a single probing device anywhere. If it were really true, we should see a plethora of things which are foreign to this planet. For that matter, why do humans and Gods even have physical resemblance in the depictions? If the Gods are aliens, they shouldn't look like humans. All of the alleged alien sightings of modern time I have ever heard of involve tiny men with big heads and oval shaped eyes. While humanoid, they are far from being mistaken for Earth humans. 

Fourth, consider that today we do know how many of the ancient structures were built. Things are becoming less and less of a mystery as we discover more. For example, we have found that the large stones used to build the pyramids of Egypt could have been easily moved across the desert by a simple pulling device and wet sand. There are even ancient Egyptian drawings which show the Egyptians moving incredibly heavy statues of several tons. These were men, not aliens, putting it in its destination. So we now know that ancient man could, and did, have ways to move massive objects and place them. 

I do not doubt that there are other forms of life out there somewhere, but I do not believe they helped us build ancient structures, and I certainly do not believe they were ever mistaken for Gods.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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