Saturday, February 9, 2019

The Fallacy Of The Faith Healer

Phil Robertson, former star of the popular Duck Dynasty, made news recently when he denounced universal healthcare, saying that he already had care through his God. Presumably, he intended for everyone else to adopt the same philosophy of faith healing. It's perfectly fine to pray or do a ritual for someone who is sick, but in some unfortunate cases, faith healing has been taken to a tragic extreme, resulting in the preventable deaths of innocent people because adequate healthcare access was literally kept from them, but even the largest Christian organizations know that medical care is important because they have some of the largest hospitals.

I believe my Gods can heal the sick too. In fact, I give them credit for my premature son's recovery, but at the same time, we also didn't deny him adequate healthcare access; we helped ourselves as well. It's a huge fallacy to think that Deity put doctors and medicine on the Earth for no reason. They're not here for entertainment. The Gods gave us the knowledge and discovery so that we could heal ourselves. Modern medicine and healthcare is nothing less than one of the greatest blessings the Gods have given humanity. To turn your nose up at it is to literally throw the gift back into the face of the Higher Powers. It's literally arrogance or hubris, and this would probably make them even less interested in helping you all together. 

In many ways, I think modern healthcare is a permanent answer the Gods have given to so many prayers for wellness among humanity. Our pleas have been heard and relieved in virtually every way possible. Even people with terminal or chronic illnesses today are living longer and more comfortable than ever before. It's beyond insane to take those blessings and stamp "return to sender" on the box. But sure enough, that's exactly what we've done, not just with a refusal to use modern medicine in general, but in allowing our laws to actually ban simple yet revolutionary remedies like cannabis.

Healthy and wealthy people, I think, are the ones who have the luxury of saying that their healthcare is based on faith alone. After all, Robertson himself has a net worth of 15 million. But for children who can't care for themselves, and adults who can't afford to, healthcare access is not only a blessing, but a necessity, and if the Gods gave it equally to all, they wanted all humans to have it. Therefore, socially as well as theologically, humans have the right to healthcare, and it should be a universal system.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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