Friday, December 29, 2017

Prayer Works ~ A Pagan Perspective

Some people, even religious ones, think that prayer doesn't work, that it changes nothing about you or the world. That at best, it's just for personal reflection and nothing more. I can say from experience that this is utterly untrue. Prayer may not always give us the results we want if the Gods wish a different course, or if something is just not meant to be now or ever, but it's not true to say that prayer has no benefits.

I actually became Hellenic officially because of a prayer that the Gods answered right in front of me within a few seconds of the petition. So for someone, even a high religious leader, to stand there and tell me prayer doesn't work, makes me yawn and slowly blink at best.

Let's begin this discussion about prayer on a personal level, then we will move to the outside world. As someone who has suffered from real and severe mental issues like depression and anxiety, I can say prayer has been better than medication and therapy. I can wake up in the morning feeling awful, but when I am in, and complete, my daily rites and I put my necklace around my neck and say, "I go forth in the Gods today," my physical life completely changes 100%. I am happy and at peace through the Gods. I feel fulfilled and purposeful. My doctors have even told me to institute prayer time as a treatment since it works for me. Literally, it solves my personal problems. When you are in the presence of the Gods, all things evil and harmful flee. You don't experience them anymore because they simply don't exist in Their presence.

Now, let's talk about prayer in terms of the outside world. I too have seen prayer change things in these regards before. My family was recently involved in an ugly lawsuit with a former employer. We were not in the wrong in the matter, but they compiled loads of claims and "witnesses" against us. We thought for sure that we were going to lose and owe them about $3,000. I cannot tell you how many times I prayed to Athene for victory in the matter, the Goddess of Law and justice. Not only did we win completely as our foe exhausted all of their appeals, but they ended up having to pay us over $1,000 at ruling. That same week, after more prayer to the Gods for successful employment, my wife got the job she had been wanting for a while. Before our supplication to the Gods, all was in fearful question. Our very livelihoods were in doubt. But once the Gods heard our prayers, and saw that we were the ones on the side of justice, victory was ours 100%.

Don't tell me prayer doesn't work. It can make the worst things go away, and the most dismal of fortunes take a turn for the best.

In the Goodness of the Gods,