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Thursday, August 15, 2019

Miracles From Olympos

Scrummaging last night, I found two relics, forever sealed in time. It was refreshing because I thought I had lost them. It was an accident that I actually stumbled upon the two. 

They brought back to memory one of the most priceless times of my entire life, and reminded me just how much my wife and I have been through together during these last 10 years. 

After she became pregnant, she began experiencing life-threatening complications in early June of 2010, and my son had to be delivered early, 24 weeks as a micro-preemie at 1 pound, 5 ounces, with the worst chances of survival, literally. I named him Gryphon Maximus that night, which means Gryphon The Greatest. 

Fortunately, he was stabilized and moved into the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit, or NICU for short. The image you see on the left are the pictures that I placed on the windows of his incubator when I went up to see him for the first time. They are of Apollon and Artemis, Gods who protect children and heal the sick. A third picture of Athena (Goddess of strength) was later placed, but has since been lost. 

The original pictures were actually removed by the NICU staff through an honest mistake because they didn't realize what they were. When I informed them that they were religious to our family, they reprinted and sealed the pictures in plastic bio bags and taped them back onto the windows of his crib. What you see is 100% original from that day and through the entire time he was there, the plastic and tape still on them. 

A very short time after these pictures were put on his incubator, he began breathing on his own for hours without the help of a ventilator. He was already showing signs of unconquerable strength, and it was the Gods who always gave me peace in the knowledge that my son was going to make it. 

The baby that should have died was not only breathing on his own, he was eating and growing. All of his doctors were amazed. With each passing day, it became more obvious that he was going to grow into a full term baby and come home, and he eventually did, without even having to have a single surgery. 

One might think that even with his survival, his premature birth gave him crippling disabilities for life, but actually no, the Gods blessed him in that area as well. The doctors said he would never even walk, but today he runs and climbs, and his intelligence grows by the day. He's very smart. He may not talk a lot, but he takes in everything and knows how to get his point across. As every doctor and nurse calls him now, he's a miracle baby.

When I found the pictures again last night, it didn't bring back feelings of sorrow or fear, as some may expect, but memories of how much the Gods have blessed my family, of the amazing journey I have had with my soulmate Anastasia, and how both have changed my life forever in the best ways. 

It also reminded me that the Gods are forever and we can get through anything, and do anything, when they are with us. Even when you find yourself in a situation that seems hopeless and the most horrific, don't surrender yet. Stand up, be brave, and keep going, because even the most dismal circumstance can turn around in the end. 

The Gods can intervene and alter anything, no matter what it is. Just when you think you've lost and that the world is going to collapse, it may not end up being as bad as you expect. Wait until the final cards are laid down. Miracles still come from Olympos.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.