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Monday, August 27, 2018

The Rise of STDs Under Monotheism

Since human beings have had intercourse, there has always been a risk of disease transmission, because sex is the most common exchange of bodily fluids. However, the most serious and life-threatening STDs have surfaced among humans in the modern eras, such as AIDS which was discovered only about 40 years ago. Progressively, STDs have gotten worse with the progression from ancient times and into modern monotheistic cultures. It's very humorous to hear people blame HIV and AIDS on the gay community, or on the fact that humans are having more sex, when there has been rampant homosexuality and heterosexuality since ancient times but the disease didn't surface until the 20th Century. So what has caused the rise of deadlier and deadlier STDs even though we live under a more sexually restrictive culture?

To begin, we have to acknowledge the fact that sexual restriction and sexual shaming doesn't work. Our culture has been forced into drilling an abstinence mentality into every new generation, but it hasn't stopped pregnancies or STD growths. Humans are naturally sexual creatures. Our sex drives are too strong to simply ignore, and so what happens is you have more and more people who are still having sex, but without knowledge about sex, or the tools to do it safely at their disposal, because their culture keeps them ignorant and ashamed about sexuality. Thus, the chance for disease and unwanted pregnancy has increased greatly. Holding humans back from their natural states also builds up a craze for what their mind and body has been deprived of. It's like if you starve someone for a week and then show them a table full of food. Chances are, they're going to dive in and eat it all. It's the same way with sex. The more people deprive themselves of it, the more they desire more and more of it, and this also increases risk. It's true that the best way to avoid STDs or unwanted pregnancies is to not have sex, but it's also true that the best way to avoid food poisoning is to not eat. The problem is that both expectations are unrealistic. Pretending they are possible is naive at best, and socially capsizing at worst.

The LGBT community has been hit very hard in modern time with HIV and AIDS, not because their lifestyle creates it, but because sexually oppressive, anti-gay culture has driven them underground. There have basically been no healthy teachings or outlets for the LGBT community for mostly all of US history. This has resulted in the increased spread of disease among the community. Whenever something is basically put on the black market, it's going to carry more dangers than something that is accepted and kept healthy by society. Monothestic, anti-sex societies have allowed STDs to freely spread because of their refusal to accept the truth about human sexuality, and their refusal to embrace it in a healthy and productive way.

What modern culture just doesn't get is that sex, whether heterosexual or homosexual, whether marital or premarital, does not create STDs. Healthy people can engage in sex all day long and there will be no STDs that magically spring into action. What has caused a sexual calamity among humans today is a culture that makes sex as unhealthy as possible by trying to stop it, shame it, ignore it, and/or drive it under ground; by keeping every new generation completely ignorant about sexuality. You should never have to ask a sexually active person if they are using protection or birth control, or if they have been regularly tested for STDs. That knowledge and ability should have already been given to them by society. You should never have to see consensual adults going into unhealthy places for sex because they fear fascist government, as was the case with the LGBT community for so long. They should have been free and supported by society to have a healthy and knowledgeable sex life all along. In short, they all deserve to live in a culture that isn't afraid of the truth, and that is prepared to do the responsible thing by creating a healthy sexual environment for humans. Every kind of sexual problem our society has is a result of a society that isn't comfortable with human sexuality.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.