Monday, October 21, 2019

Language Of The Labrys

Symbolism is a dime a dozen in Hellenic religion. The Labrys has even been used by modern organizations that aren't tied to ancient Greek religion and that don't even have anything to specifically do with spirituality. Nevertheless, it is traditionally a religious and cultural symbol. Last night, I posted a discussion on my temple's Facebook wall, asking people to explain what the symbol means to them personally. I wear it every day of my life, never taking it off. It means many things to me.

Firstly, a mundane obviousness lies in the fact that the axe is basically divided into 3 sections, the left and right side of the blade, and the handle. It's interesting to note that there are also 3 official stages of ancient Greek history, those being Archaic, Classical, and Hellenistic. On my temple's flag, the 3 sections of the axe represent these Eras, among other things. However, for me at least, wearing the Labrys does not represent simple chapters of a history book. It's a religious and spiritual pendant. 

In the grand picture of things, it's a representation of ancient Greek religion and culture. But as a very spiritual and religious philosopher, one can often find me looking for meaning in every symbol and sign. I begin by considering the two large halves of the blade, them both being equal in size, appearance and sharpness. To me, this symbolizes the moderation that all Hellenes strive to achieve in life, that which is necessary to keep us happy and healthy, that which is not gluttony NOR starvation, but balance in all things. It is equally destructive to take in or deprive yourself of too much of something, especially if it's something that your humanity needs or demands. Moderation sustains us. One can never go wrong with it.

The Labrys is also clearly a battle axe, which means it represents strength, courage, victory and protection, even aggression when necessary. It is empowered with both the human spirit and the essence of the Gods who gave birth, strength, courage, protection and victory to the ancient Greek culture and people. On the flip side, the axe is a symbol of ingenuity and engineering, as it can be used to help build things. This is very relevant to the Greek people who built Western civilization. Thus, the symbol means that the Gods give these same things to their devotee wearing it. It connects one with the ancient Greek Gods and the Greek people. 

Finally, because of all these reasons, it also makes the Labrys, in my view, a universally sacred relic to the human race.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.