Monday, October 9, 2017

Unlocking Hidden Power & Uplift In Prayers

I've heard Pagans in the past make the comment that any given prayer alone just doesn't do it for them, that there has to be more to their religious life. It's certainly true that there's far more to religion and spirituality than simply praying. Even the Christian church who believes everything is a sin has things like communion, meditations, incense practice, etc. Pagans have a lot, perhaps more, centered around their practices as well. Hellenists, for example, do far more than just pray, but I think some people underestimate the great importance of prayer due to the fact that they have failed to unlock its power in some cases.

For me, it's not merely words, whereas so many think otherwise, and I believe this is where the problem lies in the fact that they can't see prayer as an actively strong engagement of their own spirituality and life. When you pray, think about and meditate on every word. For instance, take this prayer to Artemis:

O' blessed Artemis,
Goddess of Light,
Maiden showering arrows,
Lady of the Hunt,
Mistress of Animals,
Roamer in the night.

Did you unlock any of that as you read it? If not, that's one reason you may not feel complete in prayer. When you say, "Goddess of Light," see Her light descending around you and contemplate on all that Her light retains. When you say, "Maiden showering arrows," feel the wind from Her bow a thousand times. When you say, "Lady of the Hunt," imagine yourself on the prowl after the prize game. Now, more than just envisioning and feeling those things, when you recite them, think about all they mean, especially to your own personal life. Do you see the moonlight at night, the forests and trees, the animal life, or just the beautiful parts of nature that Artemis rules every day of your life? For me, my home is surrounded by vast hills, forests and wildlife, and therefore there's a lot of connect and the ability to feel Her presence on a daily basis.

The basic understanding of prayer here is very simple. Once you understand the in-depth meaning of the words you speak, and the vast universe they encompass, you will no longer feel that prayer is plain or boring.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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