Wednesday, March 11, 2015

When Earth Ends, What Happens To The Gods?

As much as we love Earth, we cannot escape the fact that there will come a time when, even if it's in the extremely distant future, during a time when those of us now will be long gone, the world will end. The sun will eventually burn out as Apollon and Helios extinguish it. When that happens, life will probably not be possible on Earth any longer, certainly not our own. It will probably become a dark block of ice, if the planet itself even continues to exist. Fortunately, none of us reading this will encounter that tragedy, certainly not in our present incarnations.

Certainly, all of our histories and buildings will be gone, unless of course, we have managed to find other planets to go live on by that time. But, assuming we haven't, our histories and our civilizations as we know them, will be gone. They will remain here, assuming the Earth does, and whither away. Hopefully, some of our histories and sacred things will find their way to other places of existence. We talk about finding new planets all the time, and taking our people to these new worlds to set up civilizations, so perhaps that could happen, and for a time longer, our precious things will be preserved and protected. 

As for the question of this post, what will happen to the Gods? Quite simply, nothing. Nothing will happen to the Gods. I believe that the Gods can separate themselves from nature and from our world, and will probably journey to other worlds in space and time to be rulers there. We might even not be so crazy as to suggest that they already are ruling other worlds and realms along with our own. Hopefully, we will encounter them again on our journeys through lifetimes. Perhaps we will go on to a new place where the Gods are present once more. 

Believe it or not, and I know this might sound a bit crazy in our so called, "modern age of reason," but I have been preparing for this in the best way I can. I have begun work on printed book versions of all my writings along with complete descriptions of the Gods and prayers and rituals to them. I am doing this for just such an event as the end of our world. I hope that, when this time is over, that someone, somewhere, will come and find my writings and carry on the names, memories and worship of the Gods as we knew them. "The Dodekatheon" is quite simply the title of these works, meaning, "The Twelve Gods," referring to the Gods of Olympos. You'll notice on my site here, under the header picture, it reads, "I write for my people, and for future generations who set foot upon the Earth, so that the worship and acknowledgement of the Gods, Spirits and Heroes we love so dearly, the wisdom of Ancient Greece, and my own philosophies, shall never perish from existence. These are my Works and Days." This means that I write for the here and now, and also for those who will come after me. Although, you can't count on that if you are only posting on a website. To put it also in book form would mean that it could never face the possibility of shutting down, and has a lesser chance of being erased for one reason or another. 

However, for the time being, let us love and worship our Gods, delight in the beauty of our nature, and learn wisdom in so far as humans can learn wisdom. Let us not worry ourselves too much with the end of existence as we know it. Instead, let's live, let's take this existence and this life and make the Gods and ourselves proud. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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