Thursday, October 13, 2022

I've Been Knighted. Yes, Really!

In July of this year, I was contacted by the Principality of Kaharagia, which resides in the State of Michigan. Beforehand, I had never even heard of Kaharagia, let alone had any form of contact with them. So I don't know how they found me other than someone of consequence happening across my website or temple page. But the Prince and his administration admired my work and dedication to religious freedom and human rights over the past several years. Hence, they offered me a Knighthood from their Principality, a mark of their Nobility. Of course, being someone who had never had contact with them, I was at first skeptical as to the validity. How many times have scammers tried to jack people by claiming they were from some sort of royal establishment? But I also noticed they didn't ask for anything from me, so I researched and was quite interested to find out that they really are their own nationality.

They are not anti-American, just anti-imperial. They are, and support the idea of, a City-State, which is very much an ancient Greek hallmark, and while they are operated by a monarchy and consider Christianity to be their official State religion (although one of their symbols is the Eagle of Zeus), they are very liberal and supportive of religious freedom and expression, and the rights of humanity. I suppose one might consider them to be like a Universalist community. They are welcoming and accepting of everyone, even someone like me who probably shares very little to nothing in common with their theology. They know full well that I do not support Christianity outside of someone's simple right to practice it if they personally choose, as I support such right of all people to choose any religion they desire. But if the Queen of England, for example, wanted to say how much she admired your work, you wouldn't refuse her just because she's a Christian or whatever religion. In fact, the President of the United States and the British Monarchy, the two most opposed forces in history, would accept awards from each other. It's about the recognition itself and the ideas they may share. My Knighthood is solely about my humanitarian work for religious freedom and human dignity. It has nothing to do with one religion in particular, or one religion over another.

I decided to accept the award as an honorable recognition of my life's work, and of course to show my appreciation for their support and kindness. I am honored to be considered a Noble by a human rights organization and one that finds part of its heritage in ancient Greek culture, even though it is a small measure of said culture. I've been invited to come to Michigan to receive my insignia from the Prince personally, or it can be mailed to me, but I am not yet sure which one I will be able to take at this time. Obviously, I would very much like the former. My rank is, of course, the lowest-starting one in the Nobility, but nevertheless Noble. I am a Knight 2nd Class, Grade V; and I suppose I would generally be called Sir Christopher. As my friends and readers may recall, I also have royal ancestry as I am descended from the English House of Lancaster and King Henry IV and V. 

Once again, I am very grateful to the Principality for their recognition and support of me. I hope that in the future we can do more things to liberate mankind.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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