Tuesday, August 23, 2022

The Rights of The Hellenic People - 2022 CE

It is first to the present Greek government that I make this appeal, however legitimate or illegitimate one may believe that government to be, and then to the United Nations, and the subject shall be the history and present state of subjugation, and possible future of, the Hellenic people.

The Hellenic people did, for thousands of years, create the Western world, and all that now thrives therein. Theology, philosophy, democracy, Heroism, freedom and indeed civilization itself. It has been said that there is no real Greek except ancient Greek, for the present State under which the Hellenic lands are ruled is incompatible with Hellenism.

In order for there to be any respect toward, and future preservations of, the Hellenic people, we must declare the rights which make them so.

They have the right to know the accurate history and religion of their ancient ancestors. 

They have the right to know that Christianity did not spread peacefully in Greece, but was imposed on the Hellenic people through murder, violence, and coercion of government. 

They have the right to know that the Christian church is responsible for these crimes against the Hellenic people. 

They have the right to know that the Christian church has lied to them about their history. 

They have the right to completely break away from Christianity and all of its institutions and authorities.

They have the right to a Hellenic education.

They have the right to worship the indigenous Greek Gods, to sacrifice to them, pray at their temples and sanctuaries, and to live a Hellenic life free of persecution and discrimination.

They have the right to a government that will represent them as the ancient people.

They have the right to be protected by their government, and any physical attack against them by the Christian institution, or any institution, on the basis of religious belief, should be considered an act of war. All religions have the right to exist among the Hellenic people, so long as they are peaceful and respectful of the rights and properties of others.

They have the right to freely express their sexuality, whether monogamous or polyamorous, married or unmarried, gay, straight or transgender.

And being a legitimate, human culture of the world, they have the right to be recognized by the civilized and free nations of the Earth as such. 

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