Saturday, June 25, 2022

Roe Your Boat Gently Down To Fascism

I spent many years in the pro-life movement, until I realized that it wasn't actually about life. People like me who believed a child had the right to life and also the right to sustainability after birth, were far and few between. I concluded that the movement wasn't pro-life as much as it was simply pro-birth, and often used to justify the dictation of sexual freedom so that one ideology and belief system could gain control over our entire society. I also voted democrat, which made me a minority in the community, because I understood the fact that democrats, while pro-choice, actually lower abortion rates by providing people with financial stability. Abortions plummeted under President Obama, the most pro-choice president in our history. I felt that the way to end or reduce abortion was to make it unnecessary, not simply illegal. No one likes abortion, and no woman gets an abortion because she's evil. She gets it largely because she has no choice if she wants to survive or thrive. Therefore, illegality will only worsen the issue. In any case, I would have never thought that the Supreme Court would overturn Roe V. Wade, but as we all know, that's exactly what happened on June 24th, 2022. Eight days before, I wrote a letter set to be mailed out to the Court, but it would not have arrived in time, nor done any good. Below is a copy of that letter.

The The Honorable Justices
of the Great Supreme Court of the United States of America

Your Honors, while I write to you in support of Roe V. Wade, please understand that I do not do so in support of abortion. I am actually pro-life. But the love and respect I have for the institution of the Supreme Court and the American Ideal, compels me to reach out to you in earnest. 

I understand and respect the fact that the purpose of the Court is to enforce the Constitution, and not a political affiliation or public opinion. Your places in American society are of the most admirable and sacred. Because there is nothing in the Constitution that directly refers to abortion, it can be argued that the Constitution is neither for or against it. 

However, it is not my lack of trust in your judgement that concerns me in the face of overturning Roe, but rather, my lack of trust in politically driven state governments. We must not give too little nor too much faith to the goodwill and justice of such individuals. If we are to say that the Supreme Court is irrelevant to abortion merely because it is not mentioned in the Constitution, what shall then we say to all other liberties equally not mentioned but that the Court has upheld? Are we to see the day when a state government, under the banner of national omission, can fine, arrest, jail or oppress all Americans who breach the personal opinions of said government? If Roe is overturned, why can't Lawrence V. Texas, or any other privacy and human rights ruling? Will the state then be allowed to put a police officer in the bedroom of consensual adults?

Even that which is mentioned in the Constitution but without detail, could be in danger. What if a state takes my right to own a gun because the 2nd amendment does not say guns but rather arms, which can be reduced to an ancient sword and shield? While we must rule with written law, we must equally rule with common sense. On your Bench is a wealth of diversity, from men to women, black, white and Hispanic. Many of you know the tyranny of oppressive states. 

I feel that the destruction of Roe would open the doors for a return to many of the oppressions and human rights violations that we as Americans fought so long to banish and achieve. Therefore, I beg Your Honors, please reconsider.

Chris Aldridge of Illinois, United States of America.

I think I realized the danger of the domino effect, and the fact that when returned solely to the states, there would also be abortion restrictions so ridiculous that even pro-life people would raise their eyebrows, not to mention the right to contraception, gay marriage, and sexual orientation, all of which were granted protection by the Supreme Court in previous years and all of which I, and the vast majority of Americans, have supported. Many may not realize it, but it actually used to be a felony in some states to be gay, to say nothing of gay marriage. Lawrence V. Texas changed that, but it also liberated every consensual adult, gay or straight, who were oppressed by archaic Christian laws, because it also used to be illegal to have premarital sex. I fear the return to a nation of free states and fascist states. 

However, I still hold hope for America. All three of the new Justices who propelled this, were appointed by a president who most people voted against by three million, then that president lost reelection by seven million, and his party pushed the last Justice in right before the people could vote them out of power, which the people did in 2020. America is good, the government is not. There's a reason that the founders wrote a constitution that puts government in chains. The Constitution is the largest written restriction of government ever composed, and for good reason. Outside of protecting our rights, government is coercion. It knows nothing but dictation and no way to apply it other than force. So when government becomes hostile toward our rights, you have oppression. One problem, among many, is that we have allowed government to become bigger than what it was intended, and allowed fascists to take power. 

So the question is, what can we the people do? Thomas Paine said that in order to maintain freedom, you must be willing to grow weary in its defense. The reason the founders gave us elections so often is so that we can vote out tyranny. Freedom is never more than one election or one bill from extinction. As Paine said, you must be willing to constantly fight. Take your anger to the polls in November. You can change America, but you have to start caring, you have to get off your rear end, and you have to stop voting 3rd party. Those who stayed home and voted for candidates who had no chance, helped Trump win, and that gave us the Supreme Court we have today. America shall become what we allow. It's that simple.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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