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Scorpios Among Us: Understanding The Zodiac's Most Lethal Sign

Introduction - Desire

One word is often used to describe us, desire. Such a simple term, yet the most truthful of the Scorpio. We crave, love, and lust. We adore and need everything physical. Anything that fulfills the natural longings of life, we are at home therein. However, while most people may think that we are simply indulgent beings, the desire of the Scorpio is also what makes them real, powerful, intelligent, mysterious and confident. There is no other sign as passionate as us, nor is there a sting worse than that of a Scorpion. We are both lovers and fighters. Our gaze is hypnotizing. We are the tempter of all the signs. We are adored for our attractiveness, respected for our honesty, feared for our strength, hated for our realness, and revered for our power. Before marrying me, my wife had been with many fellow stingers in her life, and my sister-in-law is also married to one. Everyone wants a Scorpio, and yet at the same time, many people don't. So what's the deal with us? Who is the Scorpio?

I was born on November 4th, 1984, as the Scorpio arched its stinger over the heavens and gave me its every trait to a T. I have always been proud to be a Scorpio and it is my belief, not in an arrogant or dismissive way, that we are the most awesome sign of the Zodiac. Scorpios are unique and powerful, and they know it. When we run into each other, we can talk for hours, congratulating each other on being a stinger. It's a connection that no other sign shares with themselves. However, we are also the hardest to understand for anyone who isn't a Scorpio. It is for this reason that I decided to write this blog post for all of the other signs under the stars. Enjoy the lesson and have a good time. Be aware, though, the Scorpio tells it like it is. So if you're able to handle that, read onward. 

Section 1 - The Quiet Sign

If you've ever been in the same room as a Scorpio, you may not have noticed, because they don't talk a lot, certainly no more than they have to. We're not shy, we just don't care. Small talk does not interest us in the least. Chances are, no one in the room is discussing anything that actually matters to the universe, and thus, it does not matter to the Scorpio. Unless, of course, we want to get your attention. Then we may talk to you, but if the conversation ever turns to something dreary or dreadfully mundane, you're going to lose our focus very fast. If you want to talk to and keep the attention of a Scorpio, don't talk about how your day was or what you had for lunch. Don't even discuss politics or social issues, because chances are, we don't care about those either, unless said issue or issues potentially impact us. Instead, talk about science, history, spirituality, theology, the mysterious, unknown, or the occult. Pick the brain with something very intriguing and philosophical. Scorpios are laid back and love to go deep in conversation, but the keyword is deep. We like people who can engage us on our intellectual level. There are also always default topics that we love, such as sex or how attractive you think we are. We can glamour, but we also love to be glamoured. 

Scorpios are also quiet because they like to think and observe, and you may not know the reason for the observation. They could be thinking about how stupid someone in the room is, or how to nab the hot chick or stud by the snack bar. But more than likely, they're just doing their own thing and don't need other people. Think of the Scorpion itself. They are very quiet, calm, patient and watchful of their environment, sometimes hunting and waiting for opportunity, and interaction requires caution and the right approach unless you want to get stung.

To engage the Scorpio, approach smiling, friendly and with a down-to-earth personality. If you act stuck up or standoffish, it's an immediate repellent. Be serious, and if the situation calls, affectionate and flirtatious. If you do not intend to be serious, talk to someone else. The Scorpio wants interaction that is not generally typical. It bores us and we consider it to be largely fake, and a Scorpio would choose death before living a fake life. We want to be interested, and also for life itself to be interesting. We desire to be wanted, and thus, we will not fight for your attention. For an exceptional person, there may be an exception to that rule, but even then, we won't spend a lot of time if the gesture is not returned. Normally, you have to come get our attention. Before approaching us, ask yourself the following questions. Why should the Scorpio talk to you? Why should they be interested? What do you have to offer? Are you ready to go deep? Are you ready to give life all you've got?

Section 2 - Mysterious and Unknown

Scorpions glow in the dark and are nocturnal hunters with an evolutionary history of 400 million years. They have eight legs, two claws, and an arched tail of venom at the end. They carry everything they need with them. They are so fascinating that people still retain them as pets and tattoo them on their bodies. So many people want to know and adopt their traits.

One thing that makes a Scorpio so attractive and interesting is their mysterious and unknown character and personality. We are not normally on the forefront of the socializing scene; that's reserved for people like Leos, Geminis and Aquarius'. People have to wonder about Scorpio and it drives their desire to uncover. Our love for the mysterious and unknown is also what enables our collective imagination, intelligence and knowledge. To ponder, explore, discover and create are hallmarks of our brains. However, unlike some other signs, Scorpios are not shrouded in darkness because they fear their vulnerability. They don't need others to feel validated, and they fear no enemy whatsoever. Therefore, they have no need to hide anything. Scorpios are mysterious and unknown because that's where they live by their nature. We don't need others for anything, so we can sit and build on ourselves. We enjoy staying home, traveling alone, or having one or two people in our lives. 

The occult, as in the unknown, is another one of our biggest fascinations. A Scorpio can sit for hours and watch, read, or ponder on monsters, supernatural creatures, magic, and even more mundane yet fascinating things like evolution and extinction. While it is certainly possible for a Scorpio to find something mysterious that does not individually interest them, the realm generally captivates us. So if you want to get a Scorpio to unlock and let you in, try something like, "Hey, Chris, what do you think of the Bloop Sound?" 

It's hard to get a stinger to reveal itself, but it will result in a lifetime of fascination and adventure if you do. Just be sure you're ready for truth, because the Scorpio is never fake. Lots of people say that they'd rather be told the hard truth than a comfortable lie, until they meet a Scorpio. Are you actually ready to be real? If you are easily offended or are dedicated to living an artificial norm or ideal, Scorpio just isn't for you.

Section 3 - Scorpios Don't Like Anyone, As A Rule Of Thumb

You've probably heard this before when learning about Scorpios, and even had it confirmed to you by many stingers out there. The bad news is that it's mostly true, we don't like a lot of people, but this is because we wait for them to GIVE us something to like. It's like earning respect, you have to earn a Scorpio's liking. This does mean there is good news too. If we do like you, rest assured that you are a very unique and amazing person, and even very special to us.

It is hard, but the way to get a Scorpio to like you is to be yourself, not what someone or something else tells you, and to have something worth doing and saying in life. We don't have time for fakeness. We want to live, and you might even sometimes find us encouraging others to live, especially if we think they're not. In some ways, Scorpios are gadflies sent by the Gods to sting socially-normed horses into movement. Remember always that a Scorpio can see right through you. We know when something is really you and when it's not.

The other bit of good news is that, even if you don't earn our liking, that doesn't mean we're going to be jerks to you. To us, to like someone does not carry the mundane meaning that it does with most people. For the Scorpio, to like someone means to be fascinated and connected. 

Section 4 - The Nonconformist

Scorpios have zero time for social norms or expectations of others that are contradictory to our own will. We are determined to live our own lives with our own rules and beliefs. Therefore, we are the nonconformists of the Zodiac. So when a Scorpio is different, or the riot of the party as my in-laws have called me when I'm drunk, it's because that's how we feel alive and most like ourselves. Our desire to live breaks the chains of all oppression, and encourages liberation in those around us. A Scorpio's loyalty to their true self and their hatred of all things fake, makes it impossible for them to conform to a societal or family code, unless said code is already in line with their true self. But most of the time, such things are not. Expecting a Scorpio to be someone they don't want to be, is going to land you in a sea of disappointment. A foolish person fights a Scorpio, a smart person becomes their ally.

Section 5- Sex, Love and Intimacy

A Scorpio is called many things when it comes to sex, but the most accurate is human. We simply do what everyone else, deep down, knows they want to do. 

There is nothing a Scorpio loves more in the physical world than sex and intimacy. Potential sexual partners in my life have jumped when they found out I was a Scorpio. We are called the Sex Sign for good reason. We're very sexy, sensual, erotic, romantic and even kinky. We love sex, we're damn good at it, and everyone knows it. Scorpios also have a sexual appeal that is unmatched by other signs, our biggest competitor being Leo because of their profound glamour. We are also the least likely to be monogamous, provided we can get over jealousy.

Additionally, you cannot hide your sexuality, or really anything about yourself, in the presence of such a transparent sign as the Scorpio. A Scorpio knows within the first five minutes of meeting you if you want to sleep with them or not. Our specialty is sex. We will immediately pick up on your type of smile, motions, words and just the essence you give off, and if we realize that you want to have sex with us but refuse it to yourself, we will consider you fake. It's a harsh world sometimes with Scorpio. Of course, there are some cases when sexuality shouldn't play a role in interactions with other people. We have the ability to be professional and understand that there is a time and a place for it, but in the general social scenes of life, Scorpio is going to be the porn star and sexologist of the Zodiac.

We love and are fascinated by human sexuality in general. For the right person at the right time, we will drop everything, including our pants or skirts. We even like to use sex to demonstrate our power to our partners. To satisfy our lovers, or give them something they've never had before, is of the greatest satisfaction to us. While much of the world today sees sex as something to be shut up in darkness, Scorpios understand that humans are sexual beings and sex is therefore nothing to be ashamed of. Quite the contrary, we can even celebrate and make fun of it. To us, it's just as ridiculous to have hangups about sex as it is to have hangups about breathing.

Our sexuality also ignites our exceptional powers of romance. There's a reason the character of James Bond is a Scorpio. He may not always have the most likeable personality, but there is no woman he can't woo, and no situation he cannot turn romantic by popping open a bottle of champagne for the lady next to him. The same is true if the genders are reversed. The female Scorpio is positively irresistible and not afraid to romance or have sex on the first date. The Scorpio has the greatest of human carnal power and knows it.

There are certain ways to attract the sexuality of a Scorpio. Take care of your appearance, be real, down-to-earth, and show interest. We don't have time for games or slow moving. Be upfront and get down to business. Remember, we already love sex, so once we get the signal, we will take center stage. Just be sure you're ready for power and intensity. We are not lame lovers and we do not pussyfoot, as they say. Step up or step down. If we get the impression that you're wasting our time, we will walk away. 

While sex to us can certainly be a "hit and quit" thing, it doesn't have to be. We love intimacy. Whether it's lifelong partners or bed buddies, we want to feel a closeness and connection with them, and we can legitimately love more than one person at a time, because unlike most other signs, we understand that love is not finite. To feel the essence, body and mind of a person against ours as we kiss and stroke their hair or waist, to feel soul and soul come together in total unbearable eroticism, that is our sacred temple. Hot sex and passionate connection, that's how you win a Scorpio's love.

Section 6 - We Sting To Kill

A Scorpio is strong, confident and never afraid to whip their stinger around and put someone on the ground. If we get jealous or feel threatened or insulted, we can turn physically and/or verbally aggressive, and believe me, you don't want the physical. Scorpios like myself try to avoid fights as much as they can, because we're afraid we'll end up seriously injuring or killing someone. We don't like to fight because we know our power, and also that the other person doesn't. However, generally speaking, in order for us to become this aggressive, it has to be over something very valuable to us, like a lover, spouse or child, or something very important to us personally. We're not going to become Scorpio In Battlemode over someone bumping into us or not sending us an invite to a party. It has to be serious. A Scorpio is big on respect and honor. Show it to us and you shall fully receive it in return, and not only do we highly value this, we love it when we are treated exceptionally. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,

and Scorpio Season,

Chris Aldridge.

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