Tuesday, July 16, 2019

Artemis Comes To Every Woman

Theological philosophers like me, I suppose, are always connecting dots in proving the existence and validity of Divinity. I also find myself doing this from time to time, but the difference with me, I would say, is that I don't do it with the hopes that other people will convert to my religion. In Hellenismos, we believe that's a personal decision and that someone who is meant to become Hellenic will eventually do so of their own accord, so there's no need for "preaching" as it were. Plus, we want people in our ranks who truly desire to be there, not those who are showing up just because they have been told or conditioned in some way to do so. On top of all that, one of the best things about our religion is that the Gods don't demand worship or belief from humans, because they don't need any of it. We don't believe the Gods will punish or reward people for their beliefs, only for their deeds. If you have done good or bad, then in our system, belief won't somehow alter the situation or acquit you, no more than a judge in a court would release you because you believe or don't believe something to be true. Actions are what matter most to the court. Although, we do believe that serving the Gods will, of course, make life more blissful. We are Hellenic because we love being Hellenic, not because we are scared to not be Hellenic, and I think that gives our Path incredible strength.

But getting onto the direct matter at hand in this post, today I was once again contemplating Divinity as I wrote out a rite to Artemis that my temple has coming up this week. Part of the opening worships Artemis as Goddess of birth, the moon and virginity. Artemis brings forth human children, yet She doesn't have them Herself because She's a Virgin, which gives Her a kind of double-sided epithet, and so I got to thinking, if Artemis is the Goddess of childbirth, She must also have a hand in the bodily process that creates children, in other words, a woman's menstrual cycle. Then came the revelation, if you will. Artemis is also Goddess of the moon, and in Greek culture, the moon has always been feminine. The moon cycle and a woman's menstrual cycle, on average, are both the same amount of days, 28. In short, every 28 days, a woman's period takes place, and in every 28 days, the moon of Artemis also completes its cycle and births itself anew before starting all over again. In conclusion, Artemis and women, in terms of childbirth, are in one large circular connection. All the feminine realms, Divine and human, above and below, come together into this universal process of childbearing. 

Every woman who can have children, is in constant flow with Her.

In the Goodness of Artemis,
Chris Aldridge.

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