Thursday, October 4, 2018

Validating Ancient Greek Creation Stories, Part II

Last night, I was thinking about yet another book project I could put together, that being my own compilation and interpretation of the Greek myths, from creation to present day, or the end of the ancient Greek timeline before Common Era destruction took place. While writing the first page as a test to see if it was something I really wanted to do, I came to another revelation about ancient Greek creation stories concerning the beginning of the world and the universe. As you may know, it was said that life first came to Earth by the Union of the Gods Gaia and Ouranos. The Sky and Earth was said to have mated and from their Union came the first forms of life on the planet.

While it has been suggested that life may have started by lightning striking the Ocean, which can be interpreted as Sky and Earth meeting, some modern individuals discount this story as being within the realm of primitive perception, because to human eyes, the overhanging Heavens are right on top of the Earth, whereas in reality, they come nowhere close to it. The night Sky does not "lie over us" like a husband would lie on top of his wife. The stars are actually light years away. 

However, if we break this myth down, and look beyond the surface of it, we can see the truth that lies within it. Ouranos, the Heavens above, is also where the lights reside, among them being the Sun. Now within the realm of Ouranos stands this vital life force, without whom life on Earth would not exist. In fact, the Sun is responsible for not only the life that resides on Earth, but for sustaining it. It's a massive compilation of heat and energy, that when directed in necessary amounts onto a planet, sparks and upholds life. So the myth is actually true, that from the Sky came the penetrating fertilization into Mother Earth that She needed to give birth to life, that penetration and fertilization coming from the component of the Sky, the Sun. And not only does the Sky or Heavens above hold our own Sun, but a great multitude of them all over. For the Sky to "lay over" Gaia, is for it to give Her all the life-giving force that it holds. And for that matter, wherever Ouranos hangs over any proper planet, life also has the potential to exist there as well.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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