Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Scale of Light and Darkness

If you're on social media frequently like I am, it seems that it's becoming more and more common to see posts where people simply say, "I give up," in one form or another. Lots of people are losing hope in their lives, for many reasons. I'm not writing this post to be critical. I just want to tell people a little bit about my own life.

I was born into poverty, had to be raised by my grandparents, struggled through school, lost my old home that I spent my best teenage years in, lost my father, grandfather and grandmother to death within an 8 year period, and had a premature son who will have lifelong challenges. I have also been in college for nearly 10 years and still haven't finished my degree yet, I don't have any kind of job, home or finances that I even remotely desire, I'm nearly 70K in debt, and have little money. And the fact that I have spent years battling severe depression and anxiety disorder hasn't helped any of these situations.

However, I haven't given up. I still have hope. Because the Gods are greater than anything in my life. I have also found that there's always good in life if you merely look. I have a suitable apartment, a comfortable bed to sleep in, a bathroom to shower, a kitchen to prepare food, clean water, decent clothing to wear, a good car, a computer, TV and an XBOX, my own publications, places to worship, good health, and above all, a wife and son who love me.

I'm not saying I have a smile 24/7, or that nothing ever bothers me. I'm saying that I try to not let it dictate me. Don't hold on to the fear, resentment and anger, or the mistakes you've made. Don't live in the past; just let it go. Remember, Hope was the last thing in Pandora's Box. It has been a reason for humanity's survival all this time. We never lose it, we just choose to ignore it or fail to see it because there's so much negativity in our lives. But I promise you, She's there. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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