Friday, September 22, 2017

Old Greek Proverb ~ No Evil Is Found In The Gods

If the Gods do harm, they are not Gods. 

I've seen a lot of people suggesting that the Gods can be, or are, vicious, destructive, perhaps even harmful. But the above ancient Greek proverb gives me comfort in the assurance of the opposite. Whenever someone tells me the Gods did them harm in some fashion, I understand that they do not understand the Gods.

What the above proverb means is to say that, if something or someone is doing you harm, they are not Gods. They are something else, even if they claim to be Gods. You will always know the true selves of the Gods based on whether they wish you good or evil. If the latter, you are not in the presence of the Gods. The Dialogue of Theaetetus goes even further to say, no evil can come from a God. 

The Gods are the ultimate Good in the universe; the ultimate Good in all things. Certain Mythologists may have believed otherwise, but it's clear that the hard-thinking philosophers believed the Gods to be positive. It seems to me that, if the Gods were not good and delighted in the opposite, we wouldn't be here. Yet the world is beautiful, life vibrant, and both incredibly and obviously ordered and directed. The Gods have brought so much good to our lives and our universe, that it would simply be out-of-character to say they are not good.

And I hope your weekend, and all your days to come, are filled with that bright comfort from the light of Olympos.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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