Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Realization That Conquered Depression and Anxiety

Depression and anxiety disorder impacts countless people in our country and world. They're probably two of the most common kinds of general human disorders known. It was likely a problem that had been developing for some time with me, but it came to a head around about 2011 or 2012, which was when I began seeing my first therapist in Lexington, North Carolina, and when I began taking my first medication to deal with the issues. In early 2013, after I had moved to Freeport, Illinois, I began seeing other doctors and was diagnosed with severe depression and severe anxiety disorder. I also had some anger and paranoia issues. Numerous medications would follow, but none were able to sufficiently turn the conditions. Now, I'm not suggesting for a second that someone should abandon their doctor or not take their medications, because medical care is important, and for some people, it can be the cure, but for me personally, I did not find that the medications did anything to conquer my afflictions. If anything, they just kept getting worse and worse.

When 2015 began, I started to realize the roots of my problems, and began to think that, perhaps, these are the causes of many of the cases of depression, anxiety, anger and paranoia out there. Our world pushes against us a lot of negative material, and some of those who push it may not even intend to deliver such a blow to someone's mind and emotions, but they do nevertheless. Ninety-nine percent, and that is not an exaggeration, of all the things that increased and embedded my mental and emotional struggles came from the outside world through news and internet. From political pundits to Chicken Little activists, I was bombarded with all the reasons known to humanity to be down in the dumps and fearful of things. Now, I'm not saying that the news and things like activism are not important, but some people take it way too far, into levels of exaggeration and instilling panic into people so that they can further their own agendas and ambitions. And some people are just generally dishonest or ridiculous with their rhetoric and hysteria. So what I did was I stopped watching the news, both political and general, I unsubscribed from and unfollowed all of the websites and facebook pages that promote "end of the world" rhetoric and hysteria, as well as conspiracy sites. You know, the ones who convince you that the government is in cahoots with the Illuminati and things like that? Those.

Now, when I say that I shunned and abandoned these things, I mean it in absolute terms. I did not watch or listen to ANY of it, and I shunned anything negative and discarded it from my life and thoughts. I even went to the lengths of unfollowing or unfriending people on my friends list who insisted on continuing to post negative material, no matter the material itself or how it was intended. I completely and absolutely shunned it all and no longer worried about any of it. This was the first thing I did. The second thing I did was to surround myself with things I liked, loved and that made me happy. For example, I really love fountains, so my wife bought me a beautiful indoor house fountain. I love my religion, and so I set up and worked on building and beautifying my shrines and sanctuary areas and worshiped on a regular basis, sometimes more than regular. I liked exercising, so I started taking jogs everyday. I ate my favorite foods, read books on my favorite subjects, and spent time with my wife and son. I also love writing, so I began focusing on that more as well. 

Within 90 days or so of this practice, my depression, anxiety, anger and paranoia plummeted to an epic low, the most it had ever dropped in 4 years, and eventually was totally obliterated. Basically, what I did to achieve this victory, was to turn away from all things negative, and only focus on the good things in life. Today, I enjoy living a lot more, I am happier, I treat people better, and I can think myself through the obstacles in my life. I want to start a new movement here called the Positive Movement, which entails the practices I have described above, to combat the ever-growing problems of the mind and emotions that are thrust upon us by our own world, and to not give these people, places and sites any support or attention, so that they may eventually stop receiving fuel for their world fires. It is possible to regain happiness and oust the worst enemies of our mind and emotions, those being depression, anxiety, etc. We can defeat them when we discover their causes, and most of those causes, I found, were from the outside influences in my life.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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