Wednesday, March 4, 2015

Teaching My Son About Jason and the Argonauts

Many of you probably know the story of Jason and the Argonauts and the legendary Golden Fleece. To those of us in Hellenism, it's more than just a myth. Jason is a Hero in our religion. While I don't worship Him on a regular basis, I have written prayers to Him in the past. I myself am devoted to Theseus among the Greek Heroes, but that is not to say that the other Heroes are not of value. While my wife, son and I were at the used bookstore last Saturday, we came across a children's edition of the story, only a few pages long with nice illustrations. Even though my son is only four years old and has special needs, he sat on the bed before going to sleep and listened to me read the story about how Jason fought to reclaim the throne that was taken from His father.

At the end of each story I tell my son, I always sum up the morals of the story to help him guide his life. I hope he will always remember the things I tell him. This particular moral that I interpreted was: Always guard what is yours. Always protect and fight for it. Never let anyone take from you what is yours. This is a great ethic and virtue by which to live, because it teaches one to keep close what they love and what rightfully belongs to them, to not be taken advantage of, and to protect the things that mean something to you.

My son may or may not have understood what I taught him that night, but generally, I want my son to grow up knowing Greek heroism, and how it makes a man. I believe the eras of Ancient Greece produced some of the most noble and honorable men to ever live in human history, and I want my son to be among them. I believe he can accomplish anything if he has the heart of a hero. I love teaching my son about the old Greek stories and about Hellenism, although I will, of course, let him decide for himself whether or not he wants to accept and follow it. However, I won't lie. I do want my son to follow the family's path, but I also want him to be happy in himself, which is what we should all want for our children.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

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