Public Services

Chris is a priest, writer, and public speaker, and is available for a number of public services to the community.

Public Speaking.
Public Rites.
Marriage Ceremonies.
Religious and Spiritual Counseling.
House and Personal Cleansing.
Infant and Child Blessing.
Prayer Requests.
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Information and Rates

Public Speaking
Chris can speak on a variety of different topics that he has studied and experienced, including ancient Greek religion, history and culture, modern Hellenism, Hellenic practice and ethics, Greek mythology, philosophy and literature, multiculturalism, religious and civil rights, Pagan rights, Pagan activism and politics, America's ancient Greek and Pagan heritage and values, parenting premature and disabled children, inspirational living, and martial arts. Public speaking rates are $100 per hour plus travel costs and lodging for an event more than 100 miles away. Anything within reasonable distance is normally free of mandatory fees. 

Marriage Ceremonies
Chris will use his knowledge of ancient history and modern marriage traditions to assist each couple in crafting a ceremony to their wishes, and commence the marriage ceremony itself. Rates are from $150 to $350.

Religious and Spiritual Counseling
Chris is committed to the religious and spiritual well-being of all people who choose to seek the Gods. He offers experienced and compassionate counseling services, judgement-free, that are client-centered and 100% legally confidential. Counseling sessions can be arranged via skype or at your home. He offers personal, family and relationship counseling. Fees start at just $25 per 45 minutes via skype, or $75 for an hour session at your home. It should be noted that Chris is a priest, not a licensed psychologist or counselor, and can only give counseling from a religious and spiritual persepective. 

House and Personal Cleansing
Free of charge if within reasonable distance.

Infant and Child Blessing
Free of charge.

Prayer Requests
Free of charge. Use the contact form on the right side of the website.