In Order Of Release

(F) = Fiction

New Prayers of Old Hellas, 2015
Theseus: His Life, Mysteries and Virtues, 2016
Light of Olympos: Ancient Greek Rites and Prayers for Everyday Life, 2016.
Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide for Ancient Greek Practitioners, 2017.
Lives and Prayers of the Greek Heroes and Heroines, 2018.
A Greek's Conquest, 2019 (F).
The Chronicles of Leo: Tytronous, 2019 (F).

2nd Party Publications
(F) = Fiction

Dark Dossier (Horror, Dark Fiction, Science Fiction, Paranormal, Non-Fiction)
Deepest Doom, issue 14, 2017 (F).
Song of Sophia, issue 17, 2017 (F).
The Darkness, issue 17, 2017 (F).
The Exorcist Memoirs, issue 17, 2017.
The Lost Union Soldier, issue 18, 2017.
Unseen, issue 19, 2018 (F).
The Lurker, issue 22, 2018 (F).
Memoirs of a Killer, Entry 1/3, issue 23, 2018 (F).
Memoirs of a Killer, Entry 2/3, issue 24, 2018 (F).
Memoirs of a Killer, Entry 3/3, issue 24, 2018 (F).
The Return, issue 24, 2018 (F).
The Ogre, issue 25, 2018 (F).
The Consumption, issue 29, 2018 (F).
The Thick Blankets, issue 34, 2019 (F)
The Cellar Chronicles, issue 34, 2019 (F).
The Blackness, issue 36, 2019.
Flight Of Pegasus, issue 38, 2019. (1/2F)
Objectified, issue 43, 2020 (F)

Circle Magazine (Contemporary Paganism)
Festival of the Sun, issue 115, 2013.
The Hellenic Journey of the Soul, issue 122, 2015.

Witches & Pagans Magazine (Contemporary Paganism)
In Her Light: A Pagan Salvation Story, issue 36, 2018.
The Search for Moly, issue 37, 2019.

Destiny Books/Inner Traditions
Forward, The Sacred Herbs of Beltaine, 2020.

Neos Alexandria/Bibliotheca INC (Greek, Egyptian and Roman Polytheism)
Festival of the Sun, Seasons of Grace, 2016.

The Creativity Webzine (Fiction and Creative Non-Fiction)
Gods and Heroes Among Us, issue 2, 2017. (Supreme Council Of Ethnic Hellenes)
The Falsehoods of Christian and Jewish Persecution in Rome and Egypt, 2019.

Literary Orphans Journal (Fiction and Non-Fiction)
My Time, My Space, issue 32, 2017 (F).

Mad Scientist Journal (Science Fiction)
Last Confessions of a Deranged Physicist, summer 2018 (F).