Chris Aldridge is an American Hellenic Polytheist, writer, public speaker, Priest, historian, Mythologist, Theologian, philosopher, civil rights activist, and an environmentalist. He was born in 1984 in Asheboro, North Carolina, and grew up in the nearby city of Thomasville, living there for 25 years before moving to northern Illinois in late 2012 with his wife and son.

His specific religious denomination is Pan-Hellenic (All-Hellenic), as he incorporates a wide variety of ancient Hellenic worship from many different localities and city-states of the ancient Grecian world; he is also considered a Reconstructionist and is a proud member of the renowned American Hellenic organization Hellenion. An extremely reverent and pious person, Chris is completely devoted to his religion.

Chris is the author of several books, articles and blog posts on Hellenic Polytheism and his personal experiences in his religious and spiritual life, some of which have been featured in the Pagan publication Circle Magazine. He also publishes fictional works, and enjoys writing a wide range of genres such as general fiction, flash fiction, mythology, horror, drama, romance, comedy, history and general non-fiction.

In his daily life, Chris loves praying and doing ritual at his personal shrines and sanctuaries, and in his spare time enjoys visiting his home state, strolling about Chicago, and playing war games.

New Prayers of Old Hellas, 2015
Theseus: His Life, Mysteries and Virtues, 2016
Light Of Olympos, 2016
In The Presence of the Gods, 2017
Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide, 2017
Lives and Prayers of the Greek Heroes and Heroines, 2018

Circle Magazine, Festival of the Sun, 115, 2013
Circle Magazine, The Hellenic Journey of the Soul, 122, 2015
The Creativity Webzine, Gods and Heroes Among Us, 2, 2017
Dark Dossier, Deepest Doom, 14, 2017 (fiction)
Dark Dossier, Song of Sophia, 17, 2017 (fiction)
Dark Dossier, The Darkness, 17, 2017 (fiction)
Dark Dossier, The Exorcist Memoirs, 17, 2017
Literary Orphans Journal, My Time, My Space, 32, 2017 (fiction)
Dark Dossier, A Lost Union Soldier, 18, 2018
Dark Dossier, Unseen, 19, 2018.
Mad Scientist Journal, Last Confessions of a Deranged Physicist, Summer 2018 pre-production

Public Services
Chris is a legal ancient Hellenic Priest and the Head Clergy of his temple. He is available for a number of public services to the community.

    Contact - 815-541-7777
    Email -

    Information and Rates

    Public Speaking
    Chris can speak on a variety of different topics that he has studied and experienced, including ancient Greek religion, history and culture, modern Hellenism, Hellenic practice and ethics, Greek mythology, philosophy and literature, multiculturalism, religious and civil rights, Pagan rights, and Pagan activism and politics. Public speaking rates are $100 per hour plus travel costs and lodging for an event more than 100 miles away.

    Marriage Ceremonies
    Chris is a legally ordained minister and priest who will use his knowledge of ancient history and modern marriage traditions to assist each couple in crafting a ceremony to their wishes. Rates are from $150 to $350.

    Religious and Spiritual Counseling
    Chris is committed to the religious and spiritual well-being of all people who choose to seek the Gods. He offers experienced and compassionate counseling services, judgement-free, that are client-centered and 100% legally confidential. Counseling sessions can be arranged via skype or at your home. He offers personal, family and relationship counseling. Fees start at just $25 per 45 minutes via skype, or $75 for an hour session at your home. It should be noted that Chris is a priest, not a licensed psychologist or counselor, and can only give counseling from a religious and spiritual perspective. 

    House and Personal Cleansing
    Free of charge if within reasonable distance.

    Infant and Child Blessing
    Free of charge.