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As a Hellenic writer, one of my loves is writing devotion to the Gods. This page exists to share that spirituality with the community for their own personal admiration/use, so long as credit remains in my name. I add new material on a regular basis. Enjoy.

To Zeus, most High and Supreme, God of all Gods, Father of the Universe, watch over us all with kindness and embrace us with the affection of Olympos. O' Great God, love us forever as you hold us in the protection of your Royal House. May the highest throne of heaven declare favor for us, that by you Authority, neither the evil nor the vile will plague us anymore, but instead righteousness be our law, and only good things done by our hands. O' Father Zeus, you are still and forever King, therefore we pray that you be ever-watchful of the cosmos and our lives. (Prayer).

O' beautiful, White-Armed Hera, Mother of the Gods, Queen of Heaven, loyal bride of Zeus, with you comes life. Therefore we pray that you bring to us pleasant and prosperous growth. (Prayer).

O' Aphrodite, Goddess of Love, Golden and gorgeous, smiling Lover of Laughter, forever binding and wondrous, pour out upon us the love of the heavens, as large as the fertile sea from which you were gloriously born so long ago. Teach us to always bring happiness and love, in its many forms, to all of the Earth. (Prayer).

Of mighty Poseidon, Shaker of the Earth we sing, He who encompasses the world. To Him we trust the goodness of the Earth, for the life of all the waters, from our seas and rivers, to our homely wells and streams, and to Him we trust the care of the land so gentle, for as He nurtures and cares for the Earth, He also does for us, the mortals. (Hymn).

O' Demeter, sweet and nourishing Goddess, sprouting and enriching Earth, bring us the beauty of the soils, of the fields and trees, for you know love and compassion for humanity. Show to us the wonders of your Divinity, make our world green and vibrant, that our tables be blessed and our communities brightened. (Prayer).

O' Artemis, bright and shining Goddess of Light, Maiden showering arrows, Goddess of the Hunt, Mistress of Animals, roamer in the night, come, blessed One, and bend over us your golden bow as we humbly come into your presence, that which is wise, loving and protecting. To the beautiful lands of Earth, bring your strength and care, that they and all of their life live on in glory. To mothers with child, give nurturing care and wisdom. To us all, give heaven's guiding light. (Prayer).

Great Apollon, Far-Shooting Archer, God of the Sun, shining and radiant forever, descend in your grace and beauty, surround us with goodness and drive from us evil and enmity, that life, love and light always dwell within us. Come forth from Olympos, give us all dear favor. Make beautiful the world as life awakens to the sound of your lyre, the music of heaven. (Prayer).

1- O' holy Pallas Athene, Aegis-Bearing daughter of the King of all Gods, Goddess of Cities and leader of civilization, Lady of Wisdom and war, be our perseverance from above. O' Destroyer of giants, by thou mercies, lend us your shield and spear upon which we may rely.

2- She is Athene, Patroness of Athens and of all Hellenes, in their great wisdom and undying strength to the defense of their homes and the preservation of their culture. That She come now, we humbly ask, for the Spirit of Hellas to live within us, and Her blood to pump through our veins. That She may uplift our civilizations, wonderful in Her eternal glory. That She return to our lands the ancient virtues and values that made the best of men. That She will lead us to victory, over the vile and immoral, that seek the destruction of decency and all that is good and orderly. (Hymn).

O' Hephaistos, God so brilliant, wondrous Creator within the cosmos, come to us, great God of Fire, delight us in the beauties of Olympus, and the great heavens and Earth. Enrich our lives with intrigue and invention, fruitful labors, and the gifts of the Gods for a blessed life.

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