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Ancient Greek Religious Practice and History

New Prayers of Old Hellas
In 2015, Chris released his first Hellenic prayer book for the permanent market, which was an offshoot of an earlier version called The Zantean Prayers. The publication hosts 100 brand new prayers to ancient Greek Gods and Heroes.

Price: $12.95

Theseus: His Life, Mysteries and Virtues
Being a devotee of the Hero Theseus, Chris released a book in 2016 detailing the ancient Athenian's amazing life, mysteries and virtues. A rarity on the market, as it's ancient Greek religion and history told from the perspective of a Greek Polytheist.

Price: $12.95

Light of Olympos Ancient Greek Rites and Prayers for Everyday Life
Chris' most popular book to date remains Light Of Olympos: Ancient Greek Rites and Prayers for Everyday Life. Being sold in the United States, United Kingdom, Netherlands, and Canada, it retains top ratings from all reviewers.

Price: 12.95

In The Presence of the Gods: An American Odyssey
In 2017, Chris released his first autobiography and religious memoirs, mainly detailing his amazing spiritual experiences throughout his life that led him to become a Hellenic Polytheist.

Price: $12.95

Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide for Ancient Greek Practitioners
Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide for Ancient Greek Practitioners is Chris' 2nd book to detail the basic religious and spiritual life of a practicing Hellenist.

Price: $12.95

Lives and Prayers of the Greek Heroes and Heroines: Pagan Books For Everyday Life
Lives and Prayers of the Greek Heroes and Heroines is a daily, monthly, and annual guidebook for Hellenists and Pagans seeking to strengthen their relationship with ancient Heroes.

Price: $6.50

Contemporary Paganism (General Writings)
Second Party Publications

Witches&Pagans #36 Gods & Godesses (pre-order)
Chris' first release in the renowned publication Witches & Pagans Magazine is a story called In Her Light, in which Chris talks about how he battled his depression through ancient Greek spirituality. It also details his childhood growing up in rural North Carolina, and how it helped him build a Pagan perspective on life.

Price: $6.45

Science Fiction
Second Party Publications

Cover Art for Mad Scientist Journal: Summer 2018
In the summer 2018 edition of Mad Scientist Journal, Chris released his fictional tale called Last Confessions of a Deranged Physicist, a chilling tale about a young mad scientist who finds a way to tear a natural hole in time and space to escape the life he hates, but finds out that it wasn't the worst that could happen to a person.

Price: $7.99 paperback, $3.99 kindle

Dark Fiction and Non-Fiction
Second Party Publications

From 2017 to 2018, Chris was a consistent writer for the Ohio horror publication known as Dark Dossier. Issue 14 features his story Deepest Doom, which was written for the first time when he was in college in 2007, and dedicated to the professor of his creative writing class of the time, Mark Branson. The story follows a young man who is routinely abused by his grandmother, and opens with him being driven to murder her. His best friend being the only witness to the killing is torn between the choice to report the crime or help conceal it, but grandmother has one last round of hard knocks for her deranged grandson before she slips away to the bowels of the Earth.

Price: $2.99

The Halloween 2017 edition of Dark Dossier contained several fictional and non-fictional tales from Chris. Those being The Darkness, Song of Sophia, and The Exorcist Memoirs, the latter being a true story of his own religious life. The Darkness follows the life of a young man who has been plagued by fears of being lost since childhood, never finding his way home, only to one day find it's now reality. Song of Sophia follows the story of a deranged mental patient who is haunted by a scorpion and a winged-donkey, personifications of his life. Only his favorite therapist can make them retreat for a time, but his obsession with her eventually becomes her own ruin.

Price: $2.99

In issue 18, Chris released another true horror story called The Lost Union Soldier, about his days as a Civil War reenactor on the battlefield of Bentonville, North Carolina. The story details a ghostly encounter that Chris and his best friend had one night while camping out in preparation for the next day's battle.

Price: $2.99

In issue 19, Chris wrote the fictional tale Unseen, about a young man who doesn't understand why people ignore him all the time. His only friends are books and cemeteries. He had always assumed that he was just unattractive and unapproachable, but as the pomegranate juice starts flowing through his veins, reality hits hard.

Price: $2.99

The Lurker in issue 22 was one of Chris' most worked on stories since the winter of 2017. It follows a young man who is out of luck with a job he hates as a local paraprofessional. With the children and the stress of the job eating away at his mental stability, he becomes convinced that a diabolical toy doll is alive with a vendetta to kill the children, and only he can prevent it by turning the school on its ears.

Price: $2.99

Issue 23 features part one of Memoirs of a Killer, a fictional tale about a young man who is angry at the world because of the way his life as been through the years, and goes on a rampage to rid the Earth of all human beings, that he may start the world over.

Price: $2.99

Issue 24 features part 2 and 3 of Memoirs of a Killer, along with an additional story called The Return. Part 2 and 3 of the Memoirs finishes where the first left off, with the young killer trying to finish off his municipality, but is forced to flee to a new town because of divine intervention. There he prepares to make his final strike, his final solution. The Return opens with a young man who has been forcefully brought back to the town and area he despises and had tried to leave so desperately, but soon discovers that his best chance lies beyond the stars.

Price: $2.99

The 25th edition of Dark Dossier that Chris was published in tells a story called The Ogre, based on the grotesque and incestual tales of Good Road in Illinois, the story follows a young man deep in the countryside of the state and is haunted by the deformed and rustic humans who inhabit the nearby forest. While walking, he is eventually pursued by one of the monsters, and ends up discovering a truth that will alter all he had ever known or chose to accept about his life.

Price: $2.99

In the 29th edition of Dark Dossier, Chris returned to the publication with his tale titled The Consumption, for anyone who has ever hated their jobs that it literally threatened to eat them alive. Fortunately for the protagonist in this story, he finds himself with a choice that most people never get as they struggle against the monster that consumes us all.

Price: $2.99

Free Reads
General Fiction and Non-Fiction
Second Party Publications

In The Creativity Webzine, issue 2, Chris' non-fictional story Gods and Heroes Among Us, talks about his real life experiences with the Greek Gods and the birth of his premature son.

In Literary Orphans Journal, issue 32, Chris' fictional story My Time, My Space, was published, an epic tale of a young man who had spent his life being persecuted out of happiness by his government, only to obtain the powers of heaven for a short time that he may destroy the State and create a new reality. However, that reality is not what he expected at all.

In August 2018, Chris began submitting true stories about his life as a martial artist, the first of which called Blue and True was accepted for website publication by USAdojo.

On August 27th, 2018, Mad Scientist Journal, as customary, released Chris' story Last Confessions of a Deranged Physicist, onto their website.