Chris Aldridge

AKA - Christopher Wayne Aldridge

Born - Nov. 4th, 1984
Birthplace - Asheboro, North Carolina
Hometown - Thomasville, North Carolina

Gender - Male
Zodiac - Scorpio
Religion -  Hellenismos
Race or Ethnicity - White
Sexual Orientation - Bi
Occupation - Writer, Priest, Historian
Political Affiliation - Independent Liberal

Nationality - United States of America
Executive Summary - Modern Ancient Greek Religious Movement

  • Temple Of The Greek Gods (Head Priest, 2010-)
  • Hellenion (Member, 2017-)
  • Rockford Writers' Guild (Member, 2018-)

Father - Darrell Wayne Aldridge (b. June 11th, 1966, d. June 27th, 2011)
Mother - Tracey Leigh Burleson (b. July 4th, 1967)
Brother - Scottie Aldridge (b. May 20th, 1994)
Wife - Anastasia Irene Aldridge (m. July 2nd, 2011)
Son - Gryphon Maximus Aldridge (b. June 4th, 2010)

High School - East Davidson, Thomasville, North Carolina
College - Columbia College of Missouri

Chris Aldridge grew up in very rural Thomasville, North Carolina, and began his life of fictional writing when he was a child at Pilot Elementary School. In Middle and early High School, he developed a great interest in martial arts and began studying Tae Kwon Do, excelling in the arts and winning the gold at the State Games in Raleigh on June 24th, 2000 when he was a blue belt. In his 9th grade English, he received his first taste of ancient Greek religion and culture when his class studied Homer's Epic The Odyssey. Chris maintained a great interest in ancient Greece from that point on all the way up to his official conversion to Hellenic Polytheism in the summer of 2009.

Chris met his wife, who was then his fiancee, in the summer of 2009. She was from Chicago and originally Freeport, Illinois. They began living together in High Point, North Carolina in June of that year. At the time, Chris was a Christian Magician and Anastasia a Wiccan. Together, they had an amazing spiritual experience that Chris outlines in his memoirs and on his blog. After experiencing a haunting in their new apartment with all other religious attempts at exorcism failing, Chris called on the Greek Gods Athena and Apollo and the haunting was completely expelled, never again returning. Since that day, he and his wife have been Hellenic Polytheists, founding their own temple in 2010 called Temple Of The Greek Gods. Chris also details his son's premature birth, and how the Gods helped him survive. His religion is first and foremost in his life. He is a proud member of the renowned American Hellenic organization Hellenion since August 2017, and is considered a Reconstructionist. However, the traditional path wasn't always his preferred denomination. He spent a lot of time as a Hellenic Neo-Pagan before deciding for himself that Hellenismos offered the best way to practice the religion of the ancient Greeks, officially choosing that path in 2015. As a very dedicated Hellenist, Theologian, Philosopher and Mythologist, Chris devotes his life to the practice of the ethnic Greek religion and to the understanding of the universe through the eyes of the ancient Greek world.

In 2011, Chris, his wife and son moved back to his hometown of Thomasville, North Carolina. From 2011 to 2012, Chris was heavily involved in his city, not only as a religious leader with the first openly Greek Polytheistic temple to ever exist in Thomasville's history, but also in his city's government and state politics. A fierce civil rights activist, he joined other local friends and community leaders to tackle unjust issues. As an advocate for LGBT rights and the separation of church and state, Chris made the front page of the Thomasville Times protesting the infamous Amendment One in April and May of 2012, the statewide ban on gay marriage. The newspaper with his statements and picture was released on May 1st. Seeing that the ban not only violated the civil rights of the LGBT community, but was also clearly enforcing a preferred church doctrine, Chris fought the law. Ultimately, it was a battle lost until the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage throughout the nation. Later that year, he and some of his fellow politicians tackled the county's ban on alcohol sales, as the county was considered dry. Believing that it was being done solely to enforce Christian religion, Chris and his friends resurrected the issue to have the freedom to drink restored. It took years of debate and battles with local and county government, churches and individual opponents. When Chris and his family left North Carolina and moved to Illinois in late 2012, the issue had still not been resolved, but his friends back home continued the fight. A referendum to legalize the sale was eventually put on a countywide ballot in 2016, which easily passed and officially overturned Davidson County's prohibition era.

In 2011, Chris also returned to his writing talents, this time writing religious books for the Hellenic community. Since that time, he has self-published six books on the topic, those being New Prayers of Old Hellas, Theseus: His Life, Mysteries and Virtues, Light of Olympos: Ancient Greek Rites and Prayers for Everyday Life, In the Presence of the Gods: An American Odyssey, Hellenic Polytheism: A Personal Guide for Ancient Greek Practitioners, and Lives and Prayers of the Greek Heroes and Heroines. Some of his articles were also published in the Pagan publication Circle Magazine before it was discontinued in 2015. These two articles appeared in issues 115 and 122, called Festival of the Sun and The Hellenic Journey of the Soul. A story about his official conversion and the birth of his son was also published online with The Creativity Webzine in 2017 called Gods and Heroes Among Us. In 2018, Chris was given the privilege of publishing a story called In Her Light, about how he religiously and spiritually overcame his depression. The story was accepted for the summer edition of the renowned Pagan publication Witches and Pagans, a magazine that retains over 300,000 subscribers, fans and supporters.

However, Chris was not satisfied with only writing religious material. In 2016, he began brewing up his fictional side once again, and has since been published in a number of online and physical publications dealing with general fiction, fantasy, horror and science fiction, including Dark Dossier (issues 14, 17, 18, 19, 22 and 23), Literary Orphans Journal (issue 32), and Mad Scientist Journal (Summer 2018 issue). On May 30th, 2018, Chris became an official member of the Rockford Writers' Guild of Rockford, Illinois. He continues to write and publish fictional works to this day, and pursues many other arts in his life, including acting, history, and ancient Greek art.

Chris normally spends his public life leading religious rites, doing book and literary signings, giving speeches, attending artistic conventions, and appearing on Pagan radio. He presently still lives in Illinois with his wife and son. In his spare time and personal life, he continues to practice martial arts and visit his homeland whenever he gets the opportunity.