Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Joseph Biden, 46th President of the United States

Joining most Americans, today I attended the 46th inauguration virtually through my computer screen, thanks largely to the ongoing threat of Covid19. It's amazing to see this historic and sacred democratic process of the Republic continue on the grounds where so many had previously. It was equally amazing to see that the 45th president, Donald Trump, was the first president in over a century to not attend the inauguration of the president replacing him (although his Vice President Mike Pence was in attendance), and that it took the presence of the American military to ensure a peaceful transition of power due to the Capitol Riots that Trump's supporters had carried out back on January 6th. The last time Washington D.C. had been attacked was by the British during the War of 1812. Not even General Lee's powerful Army of Northern Virginia was able to enter the city during the Civil War, even though goodness knows they tried their best to do so. The Confederates attempted three invasions total of the North, all of which failed. Fortunately, the January 6th attack by really another army of rebels, was repelled and order restored. Going into the inauguration, lots of people, including myself, feared for the safety of Biden and the first female and African American Vice President, Kamala Harris. 

Nevertheless, the new president successfully took his rightful position as our nation's leader. I feel privileged to have witnessed Kamala Harris taking such a highly important office, one seat away from the presidency. All Vice Presidents before her have been white males. She is literally a new chapter in the nation's timeline. 

I was not a fan of the fact that a Christian prayer was administered, but not for the reason one might think. I understand that Biden is a Christian, and anyone would include their religion, no matter what it is, in such an important and life changing ceremony. I certainly would. What I didn't like was the fact that the Reverend, when he talked about us being a land of many people, never said many religions. I don't have a problem with the Reverend being a Christian, but I do have a problem with the fact that he can't bring himself to recognize that other religions, besides his own, are valid. I think we need to get rid of the aspiring theocracy that has crippled and divided us for centuries. Nevertheless, Biden vowed repeatedly to be a president of all Americans.

I was greatly pleased to hear Lady Gaga sing the National Anthem. In my opinion, none can do it better than her. Speaking of which, I have an upcoming historic post about Francis Scott Key that I think everyone would benefit from reading.

President Biden's inauguration speech pleased me over all, as it was filled with positivity. Even during a depressing time, the sun was shining and the president was optimistic in facing the world and putting the past behind us. Far too many political pundits and media sources constantly terrify people. Biden was a breath of fresh air today.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

Chris Aldridge.