Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Healing Incantations Do Work

The Gods gave us medicine and doctors for good reason of course, but we should not discard the benefits of our ancient spirituality and methods along with them when it comes to our afflictions. One month ago, I was out mowing my yard as usual. My backyard becomes a jungle as it grows, with many different kinds of plants. Some must have undoubtedly been poison ivy or oak, because when I was finished, I had a large, very red rash on my inner left arm, right at the bending area. I could only assume that a poison plant had hit the mower and splashed up onto me. It didn't burn or itch, so I just figured it would go away on its own. A couple of weeks passed and it was still there, unchanged. So I scheduled an appointment with my doctor to get something prescription strength. He didn't know what to make of the rash. In other words, he had no idea what it was. It did not fit the description of anything he was familiar with (although it mostly matched pictures of poison oak) so he gave me a line of steroids to knock it out. However, being myself, I didn't read the instructions. I thought it was one a day, when in fact, several had to be taken at specific times to get a healing effect. The rash was untouched by the medication. I returned to my doctor and explained that I had accidentally failed to take the pills properly. Nevertheless, he seemed concerned that they still hadn't knocked the rash out. He wrote me another order for the same medicine so I could take it correctly, but said that if it didn't do the trick, that I should see a dermatologist for a skin biopsy. Now things were starting to get worrisome for me. What did I have? Was it a common rash at all or something more serious?

A month had passed by this time. While I was waiting on my second round of medication to be ready, I decided to sacrifice to Apollon for good health and do some healing incantations each day, placing my hand over the rash as I said them. They all invoked Apollon, the highest Healing God. The more I recited them, the weaker the rash became, eventually losing much of its redness. It became obvious at this point, that once the medication kicked in properly, the affliction wouldn't stand a chance. 

When we connect our minds and bodies with the blessings and consciousness of the Higher Powers, our physical construct responds positively to them, and I think especially when the Gods see that you are trying to help yourself as well. As I have said, a good dose of science and spirituality works wonders for anyone.

In the Goodness of the Gods,

Chris Aldridge.