Tuesday, May 26, 2020

Faith: Winners and Whiners

As a Hellene, it's not my place to judge the faith of others, no matter their religion or lack thereof, so it's not something I put a lot of thought into. However, I do grow weary of hearing so many people, especially today, whine about losing it and how hard it is to keep faith in trying times. 

I have strong faith, always have, and life dealt me among the worst cards for years as a child and a young adult. I was born dirt poor, was physically and emotionally abused, bullied, dumped by every girlfriend I managed to get until my wife, was fired from multiple jobs, remained in financial hardship and loss for 20 years, and had a son with disabilities. Nevertheless, I remain in love with the Gods and their servant forever. Nothing has changed that. In fact, I was always a theist in one form or another, even during my hardest of times. Certainly, there were times when I was angry and depressed, but it never made me a faithless individual. So when I hear people losing their faith because they have to stay home for a few months because of a virus that likely hasn't even effected them health wise, I just want to tell them, in a loving way, to grow up. 

Comparatively from what I can see, I've had more disappointment in my life than blessings at this point, but here's the thing, the blessings have been so big that they overshadow all the other shortcomings. That's one factor you have to look at. But also, if you can't keep faith when it gets hard, and only have a loyal and productive attitude when things are going good, then it's not just religion you're going to have to worry about. Throughout your life, you'll never follow through with anything. You will always fall apart under stress. Faith is not only about religious belief, it also tests the character and mettle of a person in all things. 

Perhaps this is one reason that we, as the human race, are experiencing a challenging time right now (although it is historically small in comparison to previous plagues). It might just be to see how strong we are inside and out. These things could happen from time to time because we need our will strengthened. In any case, we can either look at our lives and pitch a childish fit, or we can rise like men and women.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.