Thursday, April 9, 2020

Affirmation That Will Change Your Life

It has not been the first time I have given this custom affirmation of my own creation to fellow Hellenists, Pagans, and even general friends and readers who can modify the religious section to their own liking if they prefer. However, I have never gone into detailed depth, to my memory, on what this affirmation does for your mind, body, spirit and physical life. First, I will list the affirmation again.

I am grateful for another day of life,
and all good and beautiful things in it,
paying no attention to anything bad.
I (state your name) hereby and forever shun all evil and negativity,
and I will only focus on that which is good and positive,
for I am loved by the Gods who also love good.

The first thing to remember before, during and after this affirmation, is that it doesn't matter who or what you are. I say this because, especially in our modern age, when someone recites anything positive, they will start finding exceptions for themselves. For instance, they'll say to themselves things like, "Yea, but I'm too fat, I don't like my job, there's so much trouble going on right now."  They will actually say these negative statements to themselves so much that it will reverse most of the positive affirmation. Everyone is different, but no difference is inherently bad. Nothing about you is bad enough to prevent a positive life or a positive existence for you. Start your day being in love with life, and every time you feel yourself falling back into sadness or despair, recite the affirmation again. 

I am grateful for another day of life
You start by changing yourself into the person I just talked about, one who is in love with life. Only someone who loves life would be grateful for that simple factor, and such a state of mind is the key to unlocking the door of your own personal happiness and wellness. Be grateful for the fact that you're alive, because you don't have to be. Realizing that the Gods and the Universe owe you nothing, and that you're alive by their blessings, makes you incredibly grateful and in love with your very existence.

and all good and beautiful things in it
This takes your focus to the next level, which is the wonder of life and the world around you. To look at the beauty of the Earth and the Stars beyond, and to know that the Gods cared enough to give someone as small as you the privilege to see and live in it, you will conclude not only that the Gods love you, but that life is worth living. In the past, when I've heard people say things like, "The world is crap," I've replied, "The world isn't crap, your perception is."

paying no attention to anything bad, I hereby and forever shun all evil and negativity
This is one of my favorite parts. You are taking all the negative things in the world and your life and throwing them out, making no reliance or alliance with any of it. You are realizing that you don't need it because it only hinders your progress and happiness. Ultimately, it is useless, and that which has no use or good, is negative. As Solon, the ancient Athenian Lawmaker said, "Make NO friend with evil."

and I will only focus on that which is good and positive
This is the second part to shunning the bad that you did in the previous section. Now that you've gotten rid of the useless, it's time to start looking at the good in life. This can be done by simply counting your blessings or marveling at the wonders of the world around you.

for I am loved by the Gods who also love good.
This is my other favorite section, and for my readers and friends who don't follow the same religion as myself, it can be modified to suit your own life, but think about the ending of this affirmation. It terminates with the invocation of the Highest Powers, those who rule everything and live forever. After you have affirmed everything else to yourself as the truth of existence, you can only conclude that the Gods adore you as well as all the things good that you talked about, and that finishing part is like 12 judges slamming their gavels all at once. You have welcomed in all the good that has ever existed, or will exist, in the Universe.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.