Friday, November 15, 2019

List 12 Blessings A Day

If there could be only one Hellenic contribution for me to leave behind when I'm gone, it would be this: List 12 blessings a day. Why, you might ask? Because the world is filled with negativity and evil, mostly by other human beings. Depression, anxiety, fear, hatred, all the things that destroy us or keep us from enjoying life, multiply into new breeds with each sunrise. That's why I think it's so important for us to live a positive life. Socrates once said, the unexamined life is not worth living. I also say, a negative life is equally unlivable. There are always things to be happy about, and equally, always something you can do about things that you may not be happy about. 

First, let's begin with the purpose of this daily exercise. When you list your blessings, you are finding and focusing on good things about your life or life in general, and your gratefulness to the Gods and life itself, creates a positive atmosphere around you, which attracts more positivity. It's great for your mental and physical health as well. But why 12? Well, being a Hellene, what's your guess? I decided on 12 in order to name and honor the exercise after the 12 Olympian Gods. This makes it interesting and fun because, if you like, you can attach a blessing to each one of those Gods.

For example, you may be grateful to Apollon for your health, Athena for your protection and freedom, Aphrodite for your love life, or Hera for your strong marriage. With each blessing you find, you can invoke a God with the hopes of empowering it more in your life. I suppose one could also associate the blessings with Non-Olympian Gods, Spirits, Heroes or Ancestors, but this would take a little more thought, time and research. The exercise is designed and intended for Olympos, however.

The general structure only takes a couple of minutes and you'll notice an improvement in your outlook and attitude the more you practice it. Below is an example from my own life. In parenthesis, I will include a Deity each one is most appropriately attached to.

I am grateful for,
1, The beautiful temple I have (Hephaistos, God of engineering and creation).
2, My loving and sexy wife (Hera and Aphrodite, Goddesses of marriage and sex).
3, My amazing son (Artemis, Goddess of childbirth).
4, The fact that we are finally homeowners (Zeus and Hestia, God and Goddess of the home).
5, My comfy bed (Aphrodite, Goddess of physical pleasure).
6, My good job (Hermes, God of commerce, wealth and business).
7, Plenty of food (Demeter, Goddess of agriculture).
8, My nice clothes (Athena, Goddess of domestic art).
9, Being healthy (Apollon, God of healing).
10, Clean and refreshing water (Poseidon, God of water).
11, My TV, computer, and video games (Dionysos, God of the theater and entertainment).
12, My free and protected State (Ares or Athena, God and Goddess of war, justice and civilization).

There are always good things in life, far more than the bad. You just have to look for and focus on them. Even if it's the same list each day, keep reciting it. Don't let the dismal things of this world extinguish that beautiful light in you that the Gods ignited so long ago.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.