Tuesday, November 12, 2019

Can't Win 'Em, Then Persecute 'Em

Refuse Jesus or verbally attack the Church, and the Greek government may jail you. Yes, you read right. This is 2019, and the old tyrannical laws against blasphemy have returned to the Hellenic lands. The "Greek" Orthodox Church is really confirming what real historians have always known about them, that they are the invaders and oppressors of the Greek people. It also makes me think lowly of a god who needs the defense of mortals to protect him from bad words. As ancient Greeks, we know our Gods need nothing from mortals and are not changed by them. Does the Christian god even meet the definition of an actual God by Greek terms? I think he really doesn't, yet he's been forced and accepted as the god of the Greeks for centuries. 

On November 11th, the Greek government announced that anyone who commits a verbal offense against any religion recognized and protected by the Greek State, will be guilty of a crime punishable by 2 years imprisonment. Of course, this now applies to anyone who bashes or denounces the ancient Greek religion, since it's now recognized by the Greek government, but do you really think an Orthodox priest is going to go to jail for that? Not a snowball's chance in Tartaros. It will impact minorities who refuse to keep their mouths shut in the face of the Christian Orthodox powers, especially those who still follow ancient Greek religion. And secondly, I don't want people to be punished for verbally disagreeing with ancient Greek religion. It does no harm to our Gods whatsoever. And if someone wants to denounce or criticize something that they probably don't even understand in the first place, let them talk. It makes no difference. I still won't support them in any way, but I also won't hurt them. The best course to take in the face of someone who hates or dislikes you, is to be loving so they will first drop their impression about you, and then if they're willing to listen, teach them the facts about your way of life. You don't have to associate with them if they wish to continue, but it's not the place of government to regulate people's thoughts and opinions.

A long time ago, though many may not remember, I predicted that things like this would start happening once Christianity realized that its days of power are numbered. If you've been paying attention to cultural news, you know that Christianity is in serious decline, and ancient religions are on the reemerging rise. The traditional Christians are not going to give up their power and hold over the world that easily. Just like when they finally gained control of the Roman government, they're now going to start using that power to again persecute and oppress dissent and non-Christian religion. If you think about it, it's always been the only way they can really win.

Now I'm not attacking every Christian or Christian church here. I know many Christians and Christian establishments who would stand with me in opposing these laws. But when it comes to the conservatives who have held power over European nations for centuries, they've done so primarily through persecution, and they have no reason to stop. 

So what can you do about it? Native and cultural Greeks around the world can write to the Parliament, encouraging them to overturn these laws, and hold their own publications and demonstrations denouncing them. As a rule of history, when enough pressure mounts, governments are forced to act.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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