Thursday, August 8, 2019

To Banish Evil: Part 1

Banishing, cleansing, exorcism, whatever you like to call it, I've been involved seriously ever since I became a very religious and spiritual person years and years ago. It seems to be something I have always been good at and even called to do, being a priest has only extended my experience in the field, and not to toot my own horn, but I've never lost a battle, whether I exorcised a place or person. In fact, a successful exorcism is what officially converted me to Hellenic Polytheism. Of course, the real credit goes to the Gods and Heroes, not me. I am merely a messenger, you might say, one of many human vessels. Recently, I was informed of a vision involving Hermes where I was told that I have made kind of a name for myself in that profession and should do it more. The word from Hermes is, in large part, why I have decided to begin writings, teachings and services again. I even do my counseling free of charge, as well as actual physical banishing if within reasonable distance from my home. My priestly career has never been about money at all.

I would like to begin by saying that the world of spirits and banishment isn't as cut and dry as, say, monotheists or even some occultists may think. To a Christian, for example, everything is Satan and you only need Jesus to get rid of him. They have very little actual understanding of the spiritual world, which is why some of their most famous exorcisms have also been their most famous failures. The course I am about to give will be broken up into different posts because it's not possible to put everything into one entry. In this first installment, I am going to simply explain the different kinds of spirits, entities and energetics that can cause great disruption in our lives. In parts to come, I will go into more depth on how to deal with them.

We must first begin with the acknowledgement of evil action and negativity. I wish so badly I could tell you that there's no such thing, but the fact of the matter is otherwise. While most of existence is good and beautiful and gives most people little worry, all we have to do is look around at the physical realm. We see bad things and evildoing humans every day, so why then is it hard to believe there could be harmful things in the spiritual world as well? When The Olympians came to power, they defeated chaos and disorder in the grand picture of things, and even imprisoned some of it, such as Typhon, in the jails of Tartaros. To Nature and civilization, the Gods all brought the good and beautiful things of those realms. However, although mostly subdued, chaos and negativity still exists and can get loose at times or be created anew. Think of it like a modern prison in our own society. We jail bad people, but bad people are still out there and can still come into being. Really, the battle between Order and chaos, good and bad, has always been happening in one form or another. There is no Devil or Satan in Hellenism, but we do believe that things can choose their own path or be directed. The being ailing a person or place may not even be completely bad themselves, but are simply angry at that person or bound negatively to that place for a specific reason. Nothing with free will is absolutely evil, because it can choose to do good, but the problem is that it may not, or may be more bad than good. Chaos itself also isn't inherently negative, but it can still disrupt the order of things enough to create problems.

The most basic form of an invasion that one may experience in their homes and/or lives is simple negative energies. I would say these are far more common than people think and could explain several cases of haunting or harassment. Energetic manifestations do not have an independent will or really any form of individual consciousness. Like a battery placed in a car, it is there to perform a certain function, and can be the result of several things. The energy can be left over from something else, sent by someone else, or even created by your own negative emotions, attitude or actions. You could even have the misfortune of running into them during the day and bringing them back into your house, what the ancient Greeks would probably consider miasma that needs to be cleansed daily. Once the energy has implanted itself, it will do its work, which if negative, will be to create chaos and hardship. You may find yourself feeling continuously depressed, angry, frustrated, scared, or even sick. The energy can also cause bad things to happen to you or cause you to make them happen. The good news is that simple energy is easy to dispel.

The second kind of invasion that one may encounter is in the form of a ghost or a spirit, which can be human or non-human, and if we are also to believe some of the paranormal reports around the world today, we have to acknowledge that animals have spirits as well and can manifest in their spiritual or ghostly forms. Even evil or infamous people or monsters of the ancient Greek past may have had souls, which means their spiritual self could still exist. A ghost or spirit can take possession of a living person, place or object, they can also simply attach themselves to them, and begin bending things to their will and/or causing great harm. Unlike energetics, these beings are conscious, they know who you are, and will act directly toward you. Because they have this self-power, it also means they are harder to get rid of. The ghost or spirit, if hostile, will normally make itself known in several ways. They can cause all the problems of an energetic manifestation, but it will be more severe because there is direct intent through a conscious effort, just like you would experience from another person trying to harm you. The last thing to remember here is that it's also possible to come into contact with a spirit that isn't intending harm, but that simply wants to inhabit you for some reason. Think of a dead doctor who finds a living doctor they admire and wants to live on vicariously. Even though this form can be benevolent in nature, the spirit is still disrupting the natural Order and needs to be sent out.

A presence of this nature that is intending you harm can make you feel very uneasy or terrified, throw or slam things, cause horrible smells and sounds, give you nightmares and blackouts, cause you to lash out at other people and things, drive you to hurt yourself, give you hallucinations, or all of the above. It's a serious problem. While it's possible that all of these cases could be explained through the nature of your dwelling or your own mental state, it's also possible to rule all those things out through investigation. If it still persists after you have, let's say, evaluated your home or taken medication, then likely you are being tormented by an outside force, which can be either human or non-human, and can come from a variety of sources. It may have simply found and decided to attack you, could have been sent by someone or something else, or may be seeking revenge for some offenses you committed, such as mistakenly entering a protected place or area. We all have days when bad things happen to us, or we just don't feel good, and this general truth is not the sign of a problem. But when they are consistently happening every day or in large number, there is clearly something causing ill.

In part 2, I will go into detail about the many different ways to banish and cleanse these things and beings away, in an ancient Greek format, of course.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.