Friday, August 16, 2019

Banishment, The Ancient Greek Way

Welcome to the second installment of my posts on banishing evil. In this part, I will go into detail on how to deal with the spiritual problems that we may face in day to day life. If you have not read the first post, this one may not make a lot of sense, so go back and read it here.

I began by discussing negative energies in general, and how they can manifest and impact our lives, both from other sources and your own mental and physical actions. Therefore, this second part will focus on energetics alone. The easiest way to stop your own self from creating negative energy in your life or home, is to live a positive life. Living positive can even make it hard for outside negativity to manifest in or around you because like attracts like, and anything that has less of a power level than the area in which it is trying to enter, will be kept out. You can probably feel this reality in your daily life. When you scream and yell in rage, become depressed, anxious, hateful, constantly angry, or fight with people over simple disagreements and dislikes, you notice you don't feel good, and neither does the atmosphere. There is good reason for that. That immense negativity you are creating is manifesting and impacting your life and everything around it, and if allowed to grow enough, it can attract other negative beings or influences.

The other way to get rid of negative energy that is already present, is to banish it. There is a very good house cleansing rite I wrote a long time ago that has never failed me. You can read it here. Keep in mind, you can also cleanse your own self with this rite, just basically use it on yourself instead of the dwelling. Sprinkle the water on every part of your body and allow the sage smoke to encircle you. Daily meditations can also cleanse the mind, a cleanliness which is vital to a productive life. You may find a guide in a meditation I wrote some time ago, here.

In the next installment, I will go into dealing with outside ghosts and spirits.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.