Thursday, August 8, 2019

An Invocation That Never Fails

I was in shock on a hospital bed the first time I began this in 2013, after falling victim to one of my worst phobias; blood extraction. I hate needles and always have. A doctor or nurse cannot take blood from my arm without putting me out first, otherwise I will sweat, pant, shake, and come close to losing consciousness. But strangely, it doesn't bother me to see others lose their blood. On this particular occasion, one might say I really had no choice but to go through with it. I had just started mental healthcare with a psychiatrist at that time and she ordered blood tests to be done before she would begin her services, and I didn't ask the nurse to sedate me because I figured they'd say no, citing the cost for such a minor procedure. Of course, they didn't know how I would react either. I managed to get through the actual extraction, but I was hunched over and shaking at the end. They took me to a bed in the next room and laid me down where I continued to convulse. However, I did manage to gather my thoughts enough to pray, and I have always looked to Athena to help me fight my hardest battles in life. After reciting this prayer, sound mind and bodily strength returned to me and I was under control again. Since then, I have used it in some form, and find that it never fails to gain the presence of the Goddess. It's also just good to have Her by your side, because She never loses a fight.

Athena is my strength
my wisdom from above
my perseverance against life's toils
She leads me to Nike over my enemies
She takes me to triumph over the obstacles of the world
She grants me peace by Her glory
and when the day is gone
She permits me peaceful rest
beneath the shade of Her olive tree
for I am loved by Olympos
who delights in the beauty of the Universe
Athena, fight for me always

In the Goodness of Athena,
Chris Aldridge.