Friday, July 12, 2019

Your Depression Is External, Turn It Off

It's the new plague of our time, depression and anxiety disorder. I myself suffered with it in a deteriorating state for years, and there can be many reasons for the conditions in any given person. Sometimes, our problems are internal no matter how good life may be. Take a look at Robin Williams, one of the richest and most successful actors of his time, was so depressed that he took his own life. There are times when the conditions are beyond our control and for that we need medication and therapy, and I certainly encourage anyone to seek that out who is suffering. However, external conditions can also play a huge role, and if it's true that depression is the worst it has ever been in history, it means that people were less depressed during the Cuban Missile Crisis and the World Wars. It means that even as we live in the best time for humans in terms of life expectancy and life quality, people are the most depressed they have ever been. An improvement in times should bring joy, not sadness, and vice versa. But the opposite seems to be true in our era. Why is this? Well, unlike many other people, I also came to realize that the rise in depression and anxiety has corresponded with the rise in negative media.

Today, more people are online with social media than ever before, so the news and media are always being seen, readily available even as you pass by someone's Facebook feed, not to mention constant politics which are always mostly negative along with the news or any given article you might read. I found that when I turned off the news and unfollowed negative sites and people, my depression and anxiety greatly improved. I realized that the purpose of most news and politics is to tell you how bad things are, because if things are good, there's nothing to report and nothing to fight against. The majority of outlets you see are trained to find bad things about life and the world, even if they have to create or slant something, because they need that reaction and following from people in order to keep relevance, influence and power. They're going to tell you the world's falling apart, the sky is falling, we're all going to die, or be eaten by man-sized lobsters as we sleep in our beds. Whatever it may be, you can safely bet it will be negative and used to get a rise out of you.

So how can it be any wonder that more people are depressed and anxious than ever before, especially when they put trust in their news and leaders? What I am telling you is that it's very well possible that you are being fed your depression and anxiety. Turn off the news and unfollow any site or any person that routinely posts negative things. I call it the Positive Movement. Only allow positive things in your life. In fact, be determined to only let in the positive. And if there are legitimate problems in the world that you want to address, do what you can, like voting and activism, and then move on from it. Don't let it live rent free in your brain. Put it behind you and look to better things. Letting it get you down will do nothing.

Once you've freed yourself of the negative outlets, try doing some of these things instead. Practice the religion you enjoy, read good books, watch or read positive news and events, go out with friends and family, go to your favorite places, enjoy the nice weather, in short, anything you enjoy or that brings a smile to your face. You may find yourself in better spirits mentally and physically. The ultimate thing to realize, I would say, is that things aren't as bad as you're being told most of the time. If they were, we would already be long dead or destroyed. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.