Monday, July 1, 2019

Don't Panic, Give It To The Gods

A good friend of mine went last week to have a breast exam as standard protocol. She wasn't worried because there was absolutely no trace of breast cancer, or any breast problems, in her family anywhere. As she said to me, "We've always had healthy boobs." This was just going to be a checkup that all women get, nothing to be thought of as concerning or out of the ordinary. Of course, just because she has no family history doesn't mean that she herself cannot develop issues, but heritage tends to play a big role in breast cancer among women.

So, as you can imagine, when the doctor called back and said they saw a spot in her right breast that they wanted to take a closer look at after the weekend, that feeling of a knife through the chest struck and things went silent. We grew very afraid. Even though most women who get called back for a second exam turn out to not have cancer or serious issues, there's always that fear that you or your friend might be the exception. It's something that no woman should ever have to face, the possibility of losing their womanhood. I say losing it because my friend is very well endowed, and as we all know, women with breast cancer routinely face amputation. I just can't imagine what that does to a woman, and I certainly didn't want to see my friend go through it, or the worst case, watch her be buried at some point.

Over the weekend, I sent up many prayers to Apollon for healing. Most of the time, I got a very good feeling afterwards, like things were going to be okay and to not fear. But of course, anyone who has ever been in a situation like this, knows that you will always find a reason to be scared until all dangers are gone. When she returned to the doctor today, we were both on edge, waiting for the results to be examined more closely and a determination made. We worried that they might not even be able to get the results that fast, but they did. Fortunately, the spot is only a cyst, nothing cancerous, and will go away on its own. Rarely have my friend and I let out such sighs of relief, but we did today several times as the burden was lifted. 

What I have learned from my many experiences in life when it seemed like the worst things were or could be happening, or that the world was coming down, is that the Gods will eventually show up. Most of the time, things will not turn out as bad as you fear. So when life gets though or roadblocks start popping up, don't lose your head. Don't blow up, panic and start wishing you had a noose. Settle down, clear your head, and give it to the Higher Powers and your own personal strength. You'll find that when you have that trust in the Gods and yourself, you won't fear as much if at all.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.