Tuesday, June 25, 2019

Moly & Miracles

For years, I've searched for Moly, the legendary herb Hermes gave Odysseus to protect Him from the spells of Circe. I have also desired to share this information with people because Moly is said to be the "cure-all" for curses or any ailment that may come your way through negative or chaotic magic and energies. So when my beloved Witches & Pagans Magazine put out a submission request for "Plant Allies" in their June 2019 issue, the intrigue inside me was once again rekindled. 

The problem, however, has always been the same, no one has any idea what Moly is. The path of adventure and discovery was very well cut out for me. Fortunately for me, I also had the luxury of a very extensive Greek library that I have assembled over the last decade, and in it is an antique book that I pulled from the dusts of a local used bookstore some years ago, called The Wine Dark Sea by Henriette Mertz. Bound in old leather and parchment, this apparently out-of-print book from 1964, contains a detailed investigation of the travels of Odysseus. Henriette was not a Hellenic Polytheist, but she was a code-breaker for the United States in World War II, and a historian who was definitely interested in the ancient stories. She used natural landmarks to track the journey of the King of Ithaca, showing that only someone who had been there would have known about the sites, thus proving the general validity of The Odyssey. She died in 1985, but the research she left behind allowed me to track down a likelihood location and identification for Moly, and I was honored that Witches & Pagans Magazine allowed me to share it in their latest release. 

To view the magazine and purchase a copy, click here.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.