Tuesday, April 30, 2019

There Is A Dossier, And It Is DARK!

We're starting out basically the same way Bruce Campbell did, so I don't tax myself over the fact that Dark Dossier is a private entertainment piece financed by private individuals. Evil Dead was just that, a really well made home movie project that UK fans went crazy for. Bruce today has a net worth of 10 million. He's done lots of other things too, but Evil Dead and Army of Darkness certainly propelled him into fame, and they both exceeded their production costs at the box office, which means that the films made more in profits than what it took to produce the films. 

Those of us putting out the excellent magazine Dark Dossier, are pretty much in the same beginning boat. Horror and dark fiction weren't my ideal genres, but when I began serious submissions to further my writing career in 2016, I realized that the more I submitted, the better chance I had of acceptance, and that a writer, especially one just starting out, should take any breaks they can get. They should never limit themselves. So I began cooking up my dark side, and I came to realize that it could encompass every other genre as well. There's always a darker or more sinister side to life. There's just something intriguing, and sometimes, oddly calming about reading or hearing a good dark story. 

I was rejected by several horror and dark fiction magazines in the beginning, but one who picked me up rather quickly was Dark Dossier out of Columbus, Ohio. A very artistic and dedicated magazine with a wonderful group of writers and producers, we all work together in this successful community project every month, not only to promote the underdogs of the horror and dark fiction and non-fiction industry, but to give our readers a quality publication for their enjoyment. Since my first release in the magazine in 2017, I have grown to realize its potential, and now dedicate myself as a regular contributor and salesman.

In the latest issue, I am featured with my new stories The Thick Blankets and The Cellar Chronicles, the former actually being a very Pagan story that I think my religious community would enjoy. The latter talks about the realities of death through someone who has recently lost their life in such a traumatic way that everything has been thrown off balance, much against their expectations. It's fiction, but also very truthful. You can download the issue directly from me, and I get paid for all downloads on my account, so you'll be supporting me as a writer and getting a great work in return that is not only my own stories, but several more from other great writers as well. I like recommending the downloaded versions because they are cheaper, $1.99, and you have immediate access to it on your computer or device. 

Thank you for your support.
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In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.