Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Simulation Theory Nonsense ~ There Is No Matrix

As a science fiction writer, I have discovered science fiction that is actually portrayed as scientific theories to human existence, one of which is the so called Simulation Theory. It states that we as humans are not, in fact, living in a real world, but are in a computer simulation ran by someone or something else. In short, it's the movie The Matrix brought into a scientific theory literally, and people have actually held public speeches promoting this idea. I've even seen it pop up on my Facebook feed from time to time. However, the theory, if you can even find enough sanity to call it that, is frankly nonsense. You may ask yourself why I am even writing about it, and the answer is that, one, there are more people who believe this than you think, and two, I am always interested in things that are mysterious if they hold legitimacy.

There are two main reasons why the Simulation Theory is complete hogwash.

1- No computer is this stupid. Think of the immense ignorance and stupidity you see in the world today from human beings. Imagine Isaac from the show The Orville. He is literally a walking computer program, which is basically what the Simulation Theory claims we are, and there is nothing stupid about him. In fact, he never does anything stupid. He is always spot on with facts. Beings like him don't support things that are against their own interests or counterproductive, they don't endanger or destroy their own habitats, and they don't ignore science. But we humans actually have to have the simplest things explained to us, like when you see a sign at a railroad crossing that warns, "Don't stop on the tracks." An intelligent computer wouldn't need that, because it would know that the reasoning is to not get hit by a train. Or perhaps a better example is the Flat Earthers, who need no introduction. Some more common examples are people who swim with sharks because they think sharks are naturally peaceful creatures who won't eat you, or people who do stunts on skyscrapers only inches from falling to their deaths (and some have). Not only do humans do incredibly stupid things, but even more compelling is the fact that they NEVER LEARN from it. It would seem a rather huge waste of time and resources for the creators of the simulation to have numerous parts of the program that keep self-destructing and even destroying parts of the program, when they could easily be programmed not to.

2- If we are in a simulation in which the owners wish us to remain ignorant of it, why are there theories of simulation in the first place? If the creators and operators of the simulation created it with the point of us not realizing it, why did they allow us to comprehend the possibility in the first place? Don't you think they would have programmed us in such a way that no one would ever think that we are possibly in a simulation? The mere fact that there are people who promote and speak about this theory, and make blockbuster films that blow its cover, shows that either we are not in a controlled simulation, or that the operators of it are idiots. I'd choose the former, because someone who is intelligent enough to create such an elaborate hoax, wouldn't be stupid enough to not block caller ID. 

Perhaps the Simulation Theory is sustained by people who don't want to believe the flaws of humans, or people who don't want to blame themselves for their own shortcomings. The Simulation Theory is good for a fictional novel or movie, but that's it. Sadly, and also sometimes goodly, our world is real. 

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.