Friday, January 25, 2019

The Chronicles of Leo: Tytronous

The Chronicles of Leo: TytronousNorth Carolina was never considered a magical land until Leo uncovered its hidden realms. 

In the deep, rural confines of a long forgotten town called Thomasville, a young southern boy with a dull life but a taste for adventure, embarks to discover the secrets of a mysterious folk text that transports him into a parallel universe of tyrannical kings and stupendous superpowers. Trapped there until he can manage to retrieve the other transport book from the land's mighty magician monarch, Leo must learn how to harness the kingdom's magic, and gain enough experience and inner strength within a few short days, and hope it will be enough to defeat the mad sorcerer king with ages of knowledge.

Enjoy my latest fantasy release today. Click on the link below to view more details about this book.