Wednesday, January 16, 2019

The Cherokee Girl That A Greek Fell In Love With

A Greek's ConquestI was a freshman at Davidson County Community College in Thomasville when I met her; the sweet Cherokee girl who would inspire one of my oldest short fictional stories. When I entered college for the first time in 2008 or late 2007, I had no car. My mom, as kind as she was, gave me a ride each morning before she went to work in the early hours. Most of the buildings on campus were not open, but the lobby of the library always was, so I would sit there until the computer lab opened and hang out online until classes started. As Fate would have it, this was also the situation of the girl I would come to date and have one of the most passionate relationships of my life; her name was Heather. 

There was instant attraction. I didn't even actually ask her out before we started kissing. It was like a fairytale. She was nearly 100% Cherokee, and me still being fascinated by and into Greek Mythology at the time, we allowed those factors about our lives to mix together. We had many great times and even good adventures. I once traveled with her to a POWWOW at the North Carolina School of Science and Math, which is a celebration of Native American culture. She taught me a lot about the indigenous people and life itself. Sadly, though, our relationship didn't remain together. We simply drifted apart over time, but I eventually wrote a story in very early 2009 that held us and our relationship in its framework. I composed the work because I loved her dearly, and wanted there to be some kind of mark in human history that told our story in some form.

The story ended up being called A Greek's Conquest. Originally, it was published under the title The Conquest of Citikos, but fell off the market shortly after. Only recently did I decide to rewrite and put it back on the market permanently. It opens up in the year 1626, two dates significant for Heather and I that were put together into one, the 16th and the 26th. The Ottoman Empire that controls Greece at the time, is being rocked by an English invasion. The man chosen to lead the Greek resistance is a traditional Hellene named Citikos, who refuses to renounce the ancient Greek religion and accept Christianity like everyone else around him. After managing to secure Athens, he voyages to the New World in hopes of exceeding his grandfather, Alexander the Great, only to find that the bulk of the English forces are already there and preparing to wipe out a Cherokee stronghold. Citikos once again intervenes, but after falling in love with the local princess, he must now choose between her and the life of conquest and immortality he has always romanticized about.

If you enjoy a good fictional romance mixed with history, mythology, and ancient Greek and Native American spirituality, primarily designed to entertain the heart and mind, I think you'll really like this story. Follow the link below to purchase a copy at a very low price. I thank you in advance for your support of my literary career. I am forever in the debt of my readers and supporters. Without you, none of this would be realistic.

In the Goodness of the Gods now and forever,
Chris Aldridge.