Friday, December 14, 2018

Prayer To Zeus Horios for December 16th Annual Sacrifice

Zeus Horios
(Protector of Homes and Boundaries)

Zeus was,
Zeus is,
Zeus forever will be,
Olympos favor my prayer,
for in the name of the holy King of Gods and mankind, I pray,
and to Him I give my devotion.
O' Zeus my King,
whom comes to us as Horios,
Protector of our homes and boundaries,
who guards with sacredness the thresholds of the Universe,
with goodness and justice forever,
protect us from the dangers of chaos,
that the order of Heaven be our companion and advocate.
Let into our homes no curses pass,
nor inhospitable suppliants or trespassers,
and into our homelands,
let no invasions advance.

O' Zeus Horios,
to the entire Universe,
and all things alive and beautiful,
all people and civilizations,
let us live each day in prosperity,
always moving forward,
and no matter religion or belief,
protect us from evil.

O' Zeus Horios,
to our personal lives,
give blessed favor,
let no obstacles keep us from happiness and success,
let no monster be too strong,
and no journey too long,
to keep us from the greatness that the Gods ordain for all mankind.

May our sacrifice delight you to our supplications.