Thursday, December 6, 2018

7th Day Apollonianism

Continuing my posts on the monthly ancient Greek holy days, the 7th is a time to celebrate the birthday of Apollon (Apollo in Latin). Some of us may not have even known that difference in transliteration because we're so used to hearing His Latin or Roman name, but in Greek, there's actually an N as the last letter. Although many Hellenes also probably simply say Apollo. On the 7th day of each month, His birthday is celebrated, like that of His sister, Artemis, on the 6th.

On this day of worship and sacrifice to Apollon, I normally begin the morning with the sunrise, since He is the Sun and Light God, by lighting sun or Hyacinth-based incense, or releasing a Hyacinth fragrance of some kind, since this is His sacred plant. Then my first prayer of the day would be along these lines,

O' Apollon, God of the sun,
who shines about all the world,
freeing us of darkness and evil,
and with your holy and healing hands,
delivering us from illness,
and bringing our minds and lives to insight with your enlightenment and arts.
This day of your birth graced the Universe with the noblest of Gods.
Come, noble son of Zeus and Leto,
to my life, home and altar today,
and delight in the sweetness I give to you,
and return to heaven with me and my family in your heart and mind forever.

Gifts and offerings appropriate to Apollon throughout the day can include things like laurel or bay leaves, hecatomb or cattle meat such as beef and steak, frankincense specifically since Orpheus directly lists it as a favorite of Apollon, and libations of wine. One could also compose a hymn for the God, especially if it can be sung or presented to the tune of a lyre. As always, don't forget to include in your prayers and worship something to personally connect you with Apollon. You might pray for a sick family member, to keep illness away from you or said member, to banish negativity or evil from your life, or to excel in the arts in some form.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.