Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Well Of Poseidon Rite & Blessing

Freshwater surrounds us all. Without it, we cannot live, and neither can most parts of Nature. Therefore, Poseidon being the God of wells and rivers as well as the sea, is also part of our daily lives. Me, being someone always looking for ways to create new rituals and connections with the Gods and the Natural World, decided to construct a daily water ritual called the Well Of Poseidon Rite and Blessing. For the Hellene or Pagan, this is easily done in one's own home.

To bring the blessings of Poseidon on your home's waters that you have gathered at that time, and to bring His blessings into yourself when you drink it. Think of it as a sort of Poteidan Communal. 

1- The first step is to find a clean bowl or container, preferably one like you see in the picture that can hold a significant amount of water. The second part of the first step is to make the water as pure as possible. So use either bottled spring water that you have kept and cooled in your refrigerator, or use a water filtration system on your tap, such as a Brita filter or pitcher like I have.

2- You will need in addition to the bowl and water a small tool, a trident or one in the shape of a trident. You can see the example in the picture above. As you know, the trident is the staff and weapon of Poseidon, and it will be used in this rite to help invoke His presence. But remember, the trident you have is merely a symbol and an object, not the trident, so make sure you purify it by either a water/salt wash or sage cleansing. 

3- When beginning invocations next, don't immediately start with Poseidon. Instead, start with the lower Divinities of freshwater. By lower I mean under the domain of Poseidon. These would be the Naiads, who are Spirits and Nymphs who specifically preside over wells and other freshwater sources. By gaining their presence at the bottom of your compilation of water, or temporary well, they can not only help with the cosmic blessing, but aid in gaining the attention of Poseidon.

Prayer To The Naiads
Sweet Naiads, 
Guardians of Earth's wells,
come now, I humbly pray,
up from the depths of the soils,
and into the clear waters before me.
In their depths, dwell favorably,
and show their faces,
to the Highest Powers above.

4- Blessing of the trident with the waters comes next. Of course, this is the symbolic trident you have in your hand for the rite. Sprinkle the cool waters you have just invoked the Naiads into onto the trident, and recite the following, "Holy waters and holy trident now unite, by the love of heaven, I pray, and the grace of the Water Spirits, blessings now come upon this scepter."

5- You now finally turn to Poseidon, since all things are set to gain His attention. As you finish the prayer, touch the water with the trident. "Marvelous Poseidon, Lord of the waters, Keeper of the foundations of the deep, and Shaker of the Earth, who moves through the waters from top to bottom, shine down your Spirit, touch the waters of my well, that they may flow through my body with the purity of heaven, and shake loose the foundations of the vile."

6- Drink or use for blessings on objects or your home.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.

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