Sunday, September 2, 2018

Cyprus Recognizes Its Ancient Heritage

The ancient Mediterranean island has been fought over, neglected, wronged and forgotten, but now they've decided to focus on something more positive about themselves, their ancient Greek religious and spiritual heritage. They have started construction on a mighty and legendary labyrinth, a project that will depict the ancient Greek Gods to visitors, and lead them into the heart of the tale of the wonderful Hero Theseus, their goal being to help people connect with the ancient arts, religion and beliefs in a way that is "approachable." The beauty of the stone structure will also be marked by gardens and a marvelous oasis. The attraction is scheduled for completion in the summer of 2019, and will stand in the coastal areas of Limassol and Paphos (the latter also being the proclaimed birthplace of Aphrodite Herself).

I for one am absolutely thrilled by the news. It's something to really celebrate and recognize for its greatness because not only is Cyprus representing its heritage, it's doing so in a way that people can understand and maybe even feel a connection to themselves. In short, this might cause some natives of the island to embrace their ancient religion in one form or another. Christians still make up most of the island's population, so it will be enlightening that the citizens of the country will have a Cypriot identity to look at other than what they've been bred to for so long. It will give them a new outlook on their place in the universe. Cyprus didn't merely float aimlessly in the ancient Greek world. It played an important part as the birthplace of Aphrodite, and the ancient ruins that are scattered all across its landscape give testament to its original religious loyalty. Of course, I think people should follow whichever religion they like. I don't believe in preaching. But it will be nice for people to see that there are other choices out there, other ways to look at life and the world around them.

I think that if the island stands strong for its heritage, never wavering in commitment, it will prevail in its desire to keep it alive for generations to come. From one ancient Greek to another, I want to thank Cyprus for this wonderful endeavor, and I hope to see many more ancient based projects from them in the future.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Courage and Honor,
Chris Aldridge.