Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Sea & Sun ~ A Greek Peace Meditation

Meditation can help people cope with life's stresses, reduce anger and fear, and improve mental and physical health, and being from North Carolina, I have found that nothing is better than a hot, sunny day on the salty shores and soft sands. Last night, as I was lying in bed with my wife, she gave me the inspiration for this new meditation that worked wonders for me just by thinking about it, not actually having to get into an official meditative state for it to work. So imagine how great its potential is for someone who actually focuses and perfects it for minutes or hours. If you like, feel free to try this. You can either record yourself saying the instructions and then play them back as you meditate, or simply commit it to memory, for it's not that long or hard.

In your meditative state, or just your focused mind, you are standing on a beautiful ocean beach on a warm summer day with the sun shining gloriously above. The waters are crystal blue and shimmering, and as the waves rush in and caress your feet, you are slightly pulled into the wet sand as the waters retreat and pull some of the earth with it out to sea; now you are grounded, literally into Mother Earth. Then you look up at the Lordly Sun so you don't get much water in your eyes as Aphrodite Herself arises and lovingly splashes you with the waters of the sea. As the cool saltiness washes over you, it takes with it your fears, your worries, your stresses, and your chaos in life. Take a few minutes to just allow the wonderful waters to soak in and drip down from all parts of your body.

Apollo's radiance now comes from above, as the sun heats up your body and soothes your muscles. Sunlight is essential to a healthy human mind and body. It can even correct disorders in our brains, like depression. It's no wonder that Apollo is considered a God who drives away evil. Let the light, the heat, and the relaxation of the sunlight pierce you from the top of your head to the bottom of your feet, and tingle the surface of your skin with its prickling rays. There is no darkness in you anywhere now; the light of Apollo has driven it all out, and all that remains is brightness so grand that it cannot be contained and shines forth from your body as it seeps through. You're purified, and free from all that hinders your inner and outer peace.

In the Goodness of the Gods,
Chris Aldridge.